Acronym or Abbreviation of EUEOM : European Union Election Observation Mission whose responsibility is monitor the election process and present final report alongwith recommendations to the European Union and Other Stack Holders . This mission is sent by European Union in different countries during elections.

Acronym or Abbreviation of AFP : Agence France-Presse or French Press Agency (is a news agency in France ). AFP is the oldest news agency of the World with its headquarter at Paris France and having more than 2200 employees world wide. This is the 3rd World Largest news agency. Current CEO of Emmanuel Hoog .

Acronym or Abbreviation of SUPARCO : Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (is a Government of Pakistan Space Agency with its Headquarter in Karachi) especially looking into the space matters of the Government of Pakistan and all the satellites owned by Pakistan.

Acronym or Abbreviation of ASEM : Asia Europe Meeting (is a political dialogue Forum ). There are total 53 Partners from Asian and European Countries whose mission to enhance relations between Asia and Europe.

Acronym or Abbreviation of IMF : International Monetary Fund (is a organization in US with its Headquarter in Washington DC). IMF is working with 189 countries to support their economy and specially provide loans to the developing countries . It was established on 27th December 1945 with the mission to stabilize economies around the globe.

Acronym or Abbreviation of SHO : Station House Officer (is a incharge of Police Station in Pakistan and India). He/She is in rank of Inspector.

Acronym or Abbreviation of ISPR : Inter-Services Public Relations (is a Media Wing of Pakistan Armed Forces responsible for sharing all the information with media on affairs related to armed forces of Pakistan ). There is no specific meaning of ISPR as  it is department of Pakistan Army headed by DG or Director General . Current DG of ISPR is Major General Asif Ghafoor.

Acronym or Abbreviation of INF : Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (is a Arms Control Treaty signed between United States and Soviet Union in 1987).

Acronym or Abbreviation of PSDP : Public Sector Development Program in Pakistan (During the Announcement of Federal and Provincial Budget for the the New Financial Year PSDPs for Federal Government and all provincial Governments also published which contain Projects and development schemes alongwith allocated budget). Approval of the PSDP Project are given in CDWP Meeting.

Acronym or Abbreviation of CDWP : Central Development Working Party (CDWP Meetings are held in Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, Pakistan in which approval of the PSDP Schemes are given .