Article 6 of the 1973 constitution of Pakistan High Treason as the name show deals with  is very serious crime which involves putting your country or head of state in danger. Article  5 of the Constitution of of Pakistan  nd Article 6 are linked with each other and invokes when article 5 is invoked. Check below what Article 6 of Constitution of the Islamic Republic Says. 

Article 5 of the 1973 constitution of Pakistan of the is one of the hot topic discussed in Pakistan and other World after the ruling passed by Deputy Speaker of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 3rd April 2022 when no confidence move against PM Imran Khan was rejected. Fawad Chaudary raised an issue that Article 5 of the constitution does not allow any member of the parliament to present Vote of No Confidence against Prime Minister of Pakistan as per Article 5 of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan. Deputy Speaker accepted the points raised by Fawad Chaudary Minister of Law and Parliamentary Affaris of Pakistan . Deputy Speaker of the the National Assembly of Pakistan without hearing other party (opposition) passed the ruling for cancellation of Non Confidence Move against Prime Minister of Pakistan. Lets see what Article 5 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic Says  and was the ruling passed by Speaker fulfills the constitutional demands. 

After the Ukraine and Russia War Ukraine is in news now-a-days. Some people are comparing Ukraine Military with Russian Military and some one are asking Ukraine Military ranking in the World . General Knowledge Questions on Ukraine Military Ranking in the World . Ukraine currently falls on 22nd Position on Military ranking in the World . 

Ukraine is a Country in eastern Europe. It is the Second largest Country w.r.t Area after Russia. As per 2001 Census Its Population is 48,457,102 . Capital of Ukraine is Kyiv. Ukraine Flag consists of two colors Blue and Yellow. Total Area of Ukraine is 603,602 Square Km. Ukraine is Eighth most populous Country of the Europe. GK Questions related to Ukraine can be asked in the Exams of Civil Service in Pakistan and India FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, NTS and other Exams. In this article you will know each and every thing about Ukraine and we will try to answer all the questions which have raised in your Mind.  General Knowledge about Ukraine

This is the common questions which is asked whose face was first uploaded on Facebook when it was launched. This question is asked millions of times on search engines and social media . As the name suggests Facebook is a book which contain collection of faces or people or social media site which will link the villages, cities , countries people with each other. . 

Currency of New Zealand is New Zealand Dollar.It is sub divided into 100 cents . Its sign is $ and its currency code is NZD. Currency is being issued by Reserve Bank of New Zealand. This currency is also used unofficially in Zimbabwe, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and New Caledonia. Nickname of the currency is Kiwi.