Pakistan Affairs is the compulsory subject of CSS Exam . This subject is the part of General Knowledge. This subject totally deals with the study of Pakistan , its relations with other countries . Download FPSC Pakistan Affairs CSS syllabus in PDF Format. FPSC has recommended following syllabus for Pakistan Affairs.

Pakistan Affairs CSS Syllabus

1. Ideology of Pakistan

Definition, Historical Aspects, Muslims Rule in the Sub Continent, Its downfall , Movements for Reforms, Sheikh Ahmed Sarhindi, Shah Wali Ullah, Sayyid Ahmed Shaheed, Aligarh, Deoband , Nadwah and other educational institutions, Sindh Madrassah and Islamia College Peshawer, Ideology of Pakistan in the light of the speeches of Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

2. Land and People of Pakistan Geography, Society , Natural Resources, Agriculture, Industry and Education with reference to characteristics, trends and problems.

Pakistan External Affairs means relations of Pakistan with Neighboring Countries such as China, India, Iran and Afghanistan . Pakistan Foreign Policy for USA and other World powers has got the attention of paper setters . As the important topic now-a-days each current affairs paper has is the discussion on China Pakistan Economic Corridor. FPSC has recommended the following syllabus on Pakistan's External Affairs:-

3. Pakistan and changing regional Apparatus

4. Nuclear Program of Pakistan, Its safety and security, International concerns

5. Regional Economic Cooperation (SAARC, ECO, SCO ) and the role of Pakistan

6. Civil Military Relations in Pakistan

7. Economic Challenges in Pakistan

8. Non Traditional Security Threats in Pakistan: Role of Non State Actors

9. Pakistan's Role in the region

10. Palestine Issue

11. Kashmir Issue

12. Pakistan and US War on Terror

13. Challenges to Sovereignty

14. The War in Afghanistan since 1979, its impact on and challenges to Pakistan

15. Pakistan and its neighboring Country India Relations since independence

16. Ethnic Issues and National Integration

17. Pakistan's National Interest

18. Proxy Wars, Role of External Elements.

FPSC Pakistan Affairs CSS Syllabus. There will two parts of the paper . First part will be of 20 Marks having 20 Multiple Choice Questions MCQs and Second Part of the paper will of Subjective type and is of 80 marks. FPSC past papers of Pakistan Affairs will be helpful in fully understanding the syllabus . So we will recommend go through past papers in better understanding the CSS syllabus of Pakistan Affairs.


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