NAB Ordinance 1999 MCQs . Here are the Important Multiple Choice Questions on National Accountability Ordinance 1999 for preparation of Assistant Director NAB Jobs 2020 announced  by FPSC as per syllabus.

1. The NAB Ordinance came into force  from ___?
(A) 1st Day of January, 1999
(B) 1st Day of January, 1985
(C) 1st Day of January, 2000
(D) None of the above.

2. NAB Ordinance 1999 shall apply to ?
(A) All citizens of Pakistan
(B) Persons who are in Government Service
(C) Both A & B
(D) Only Government Servants .

3. Appropriate Government means in relation to any person serving under the Authority of  Federal and Provincial Governments including any person employed by ?
(A) Corporation
(B) Body
(C) Financial Institution
(D) All of the Above.

4. Chairman National Accountability Bureau means a person who is appointed ?
(A) By the President of Pakistan
(B) By the Prime Minister of Pakistan
(C) By the Board of NAB
(D) None of the Above.

5. In NAB Ordinance 1999 What is meant by the word "Code"?
(A) Code of Criminal Procedure 1898
(B) Code of Criminal Procedure 1999 NAB Ordinance
(C) Both A & B
(D) None of the Above.

6. Asset means any property ?
(A) owned, controlled by or belonging to any accused
(B) Whether Directly or indirectly , or held benami in the name of spouse or relatives or associates with in Pakistan or Outside Pakistan
(C) Both A & B
(D) None of the Above.

7. Benamidar means ?
(A) any person who ostensibly holds or is in possession or custody of any property of accused on his behalf for benefit
(B) accused having property on his own name bought from the money of corruption
(C) Both A & B
(D) None of the above.

8. Conciliation Committee means committee constituted under  ?
(A) Section 25 A
(B) Section 29 A
(C) Section 35 A
(D) None of the above

Answers to Current Affairs MCQs Quiz 26th to 28th February 2019

1. B
2. C
3. D
4. A
5. A
6. C
7. A
8. A


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