Aleksandr Lukashenko declared corrupt person of the year 2021 by OCCRP. OCCRP stands for Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project . The aim of this project is to point out corruption and crimes in the World . Further more they also work on pointing out corruption of the World Leaders and issues 1 to 10 Corrupt people in the World . 

Who is Aleksandr Lukashenko ?

Aleksandr Lukashenko is the Current President of Belarus and he is working as President of Belarus since 20th July 1994. He is the first and current President of Belarus. He is the longest serving politician of the Country. He is born on 30th August , 1954 and he attained age of 67 years right now. 

Who is the Current President of Belarus ?

Current President of Belarus is Aleksandr Lukashenko and is the longest European Current Serving President. 

Who is  Lukashenko wife ? 

His wife name  is Galina Lukashenko .

What is the net Worth of Aleksandr Lukashenko?

As per report of OCCRP he is at number 1 in the list of corrupt person of the World and many questions arises on the income of the Aleksandr and how he make this money . As per Wikipedia his income is as under:-

Monthly : $3,127,002.00 

Annually : $37,513,000.00 

What is the Age of President Aleksandr Lukashenko 

His age is now 67 Years. 

What are the allegations on Aleksandr Lukashenko ?

As per report of OCCRP following allegations of corruption are pointed out by the judges of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project. 

  1. Rigging Elections 
  2. Torturing Critics 
  3. Arresting and Beating Protestor 
  4. He has channeled state money of oligarchs to his close family members. 
  5. He ordered to intercept and forcefully landed a plane of the Ryanair flight which was carrying Belarusian dissident which is clear violation of the International Laws on Aviation
  6. He also played a role in creating border Crisis with other European Countries by keeping thousands of refugees on the border.
  7. He has also allegations of spreading fake news regarding spreading of COVID 19 in Belarus to stop Anti state protest in the Country

 Most Corrupt Person of the Year 2021 Alexander Lukashenko OCCRP Report

Source : Wikipedia and Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project 2021

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