SUI is newly launched crypto currency inaugurated on 2nd May 2022 having contract capabilities. In the presence of Bitcoin and other other Crypto Currencies lanunching this currency is big move. Now the questions is who owns this newly introduced currency SUI . SUI is owned by Mysten Lab a company owned by Ex employees of META (Facebook) who were looking LIBRA. This article will help you in better understanding of SUI.

SUI is pronounced as "SWEE" owned by Mysten Lab works on the phenomena of moving objects. You must have heard about Binance a leading company which deals with crypto currencies and trading also invested $300 million in this Project of SUI. Now the question is in which programming language SUI developed . SUI is developed in MOVE programming language which is specially developed for creating Crypto currencies . Following FAQs Frequently asked questions about SUI will cover all the questions in your mind . 

Q. What is SUI ?

Ans. SUI is newly introduced Crypto currency 

Q. What is Launch Date of SUI?

Ans. SUI is launched on 3rd May 2023 8:00AM

Q. What will the starting price of SUI token?

Ans. Current Price of SUI Token is US $ .51 

 Q. SUI is developed by which Company ?

SUI is developed by Mysten Lab owned by EX employees of META.

Q. On which Phenomena newly introduced Crypto Currency Runs?

Ans. On Moving Objects. the most common case for moving objects. Move objects transfer to other addresses, after which the receiving address owns it.

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