Current Affairs Multiple Choice Questions MCQs on Care Taker Interim Government of Pakistan 2018. This MCQs set covers about Care Taker Prime Minister of Pakistan and Care Taker Ministers of different departments and Care Taker Chief Ministers of Punjab, Sindh, KPK , and Balochistan events held in June 2018.This mcqs set on Current Affairs 2018 will be helpful for the preparation of Current Affairs of Custom Inspector Jobs,  CSS , Banking Exams, PMS, PCS, FPSC Patrol Officer and interview Preparation.

1. Who is the care taker Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018?
(A) Salim Abbas Jilani
(B) Justice (R) Tassaduq Jilani
(C) Justice (R) Nasir ul Mulk
(D) None of the above.

2. Who is the Care Taker Foreign Minister of Pakistan in 2018 ?
(A) Abdullah Hussain Haroon
(B) Roshan Khursheed Baroocha
(C) Azam Khan
(D) None of the above..

3. Who is the Care Taker Finance Minister of Pakistan in 2018?
(A) Dr Shamshad Akhtar
(B) Barrister Syed Zafar Ali
(C) Abdullah Hussain Haroon
(D) None of the Above..

4. Who is the Care Taker Interior Minister of Pakistan in 2018?
(A) Muhammad Yousuf Sheikh
(B) Barrister Syed Ali Zafar
(C) Azam Khan
(D) None of the above.

5. Who is the Care Taker Minister of Human Rights , Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan, States and Frontier Regions?
(A) Barrister Syed Ali Zafar
(B) Roshan Khursheed Barucha
(C) Professor Muhammad Yousuf Sheikh
(D) All of the Above.

6. Who is the Care Taker Chief Minister of Balochistan?
(A) Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo
(B) Alauddin Marri
(C) Sana Ullah Khan Zehri
(D) None of the Above..

7. Who is the Care Taker  Chief Minister of Sindh?
(A) Fazal ur Rehman
(B) Murad Ali Shah
(C) Hamir Soomro
(D) None of the Above.

8. Who is the Care Taker Chief Minister of Punjab in 2018 ?
(A) Hassan Askari
(B) Nasir Khosa
(C) Malik Ahmed Khan
(D) None of the Above.

9. Who is the Care Taker CM of Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa?
(A) Manzoor Afridi
(B) Dost Muhammad Khan
(C) Dr. Akhtar Nazeer
(D) None of te Above.

10. Who is the Care Taker Education Minister in  2018?
(A) Fazal Ur Rehman
(B) Professor Muhammad Sheikh
(C) Roshan Khursheed Barucha
(D) None of the Above

Answers to Current Affairs MCQs Quiz on Interim Government Set Up of Pakistan 2018

1. C
2. A
3. A
4. C
5. B
6. C
7. A
8. A
9. B
10. B

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