The size of Provincial Cabinet Punjab increased to __________.

The size of Provincial Cabinet Punjab increased to __________.

(A) 33 Ministers
(B) 34 Ministers
(C) 35 Ministers
(D) None of the Above.

Correct Answer is C. 35.

12 More MPA took oath as Provincial Minister on 13th September 2018. So the members of provincial Cabinet reached to 35 . MPA's who took oath include Pir Syed Saeed ul Hassan Shah, Mehar Muhammad Aslam, Syed Husnain Jahania Gardezi, Muhammad Akhlaq, Ashifa Riaz, Shoukat Ali Laleka, Zawar Hussain Warriach,  Muhammad Akhter, Mian Khalid Mehmood, Muhammad Jahanzaib Khichi and others.  3 Advisors are also appointed and other 5 Special Assistant also appointed. So the total members of the Punjab Cabinet are 35 now in 2018 after inclusion of 12 more ministers took oath. Current Affairs of Pakistan MCQs on Punjab Cabinet.

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