Which is the hottest Planet of the Solar System ?

There are total 8 planets in our Solar System and we are going to discuss and find the answer about hottest planet in Solar System . Every Day Science Important Questions  with Answers on our Solar System hottest planet, Smallest planet and largest planet . Every planet in solar system has different temperature. Mercuary is the closest planet to the Sun and it is normally thought that Mercury will be the hottest planet of our solar system but this is not the reality and Venus is the hottest planet  . Venus Distance from the Sun is 108.2 Million KM.  . It has diameter of about 12104 KMs. Multiple Choice Questions MCQs and Answers on Solar System General Science and Ability which is the hottest planet in our Solar System.

Q.Which is the hottest planet in our Solar System?

(A) Mercury
(B) Venus
(C) Earth
(D) None of the above.

Right Answer is B because Venus  is the hottest planet in our Solar System and its distance from the sun is 108.2 Million Kilmoeter .


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