Current Governor of Sindh in 2018 General Knowledge on Pakistan.  Here is the MCQs on Current Governors of Sindh Who is Who in Pakistan Series MCQs.

1. Who is the current Governor of Sindh ?
(A) Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad
(B) Muhammad Zubair
(C) Imran Ismail
(D) None of the above.

Best Answer to the Question who is the Current Governor of Sindh is Option A. Imran Ismail . Biography of Imran Ismail as defined by Wiki is as under:

Biography of Imran Ismail , Current Governor of Sindh

Imran Ismail Current Governor of Pakistan and a Pakistani business men who was born on 1st January 1966 in Karachi, he is 52 years old now.  He is the 33rd Governor of Sindh. He also win the Provincial Assembly Sindh Seat from PS-111 Karachi XXIII and remained as members for 15 days . He is affiliated with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf . Imran Khan nominated Imran Ismail as Governor Sindh. He left the seat of PS-111 .

Qualification of Imran Ismail , Governor of Sindh

Imran Ismail highest qualification is Intermediate as per nomination paper submitted by Imran Ismail in General Election 2018. However he went abroad to get bachelor degree in Leather Technology , but failed to complete that degree course

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