892 Posts of Junior Patrol Officer were announced in National Highway and Motorway Police in January 2019 by PTS. Syllabus for the JPO not officially yet neither by NHMP nor PTS. From our sources we came to know that syllabus for the post of JPO of PTS will be like this.

Syllabus for the Post of JPO in NHMP

Following will be the syllabus /content weightages of Junior Patrol Officer Written Test

1. Road Safety Education 

There will be 10 MCQs on Road Safety Education related to road safety of 10 marks. To prepare this part you should must go through booklets of NHMP which covers this topic.

2. Driving Theory

Question related to driving a car will be based on driving mechanism how a vehicle can be drive will also be the part of JPO PTS test . This driving theory include MCQs on detail knowledge of driving and will contain 10 MCQs of 10 Marks.

3. First Aid Medical

This part of JPO test in NHMP will contain 10 Questions related to first aid medical after a accident. You can find booklets for basic medical aid from 1122 which contain material how the person will be given medical aid during accident or injury.

4. English Grammar

Question related to English Grammar will also be asked in JPO NHMP . It may contain mcqs on prepositions, idioms , synonyms and antonyms & paraphrasing etc.

5. Islamiat and Pakistan Studies

Islamiat and Pakistan Studies will also be the part of Junior Patrol Officer in Motorway Police. There will 10 MCQs of 10 Marks based on Pakistan Affairs and Islamic Studies MCQs. Pakistan studies questions may include from Pakistan History , important events before and after independence, important dates such as formation of Muslim League, Partition of Bengal, Allah Abad Address etc. Islamiat section may include MCQs from the life of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), Basic Pillars of Islam, Ghazwas etc.

6. General Knowledge

There will be 10 marks MCQs of General Knowledge in JPO motorway Police. GK is so much it may include questions from Current Affairs, Who is Who and What is What based questions, Every day science .

Junior Patrol Officer JPO Syllabu in National Highway and Motorway Police

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