Officer Grade 3 in ZTBL test Batch 1 Paper morning 10:00 Am conducted by OTS on 2nd December 2018 . The following questions were asked in today paper of OG-III in OTS test past paper alongwith some answer Keys .

Solved MCQs of OG-3 ZTBL Test Batch 1

Q.1 Which is the Main source of Agricultural credit in Pakistan? Ans ZTBL
Q.2 Olericulture is study of ...? Vegetable Growing
Q.3 Afforestation means? Process of Planting trees
Q.4 Contribution of Agriculture  to GDP of Pakistan ? Ans
Q.5 Banana fruit is classified in which Category ?  Berries
Q.6 Older the rice..? None of these
Q.7 OTP Stands for What ? One Time Password
Q.8 E-banking is the ...? Internet Banking
Q.9 Which is used to pay without any cash payment ? Credit Card
Q.10 Which is not method of privatization ? Sale of business
Q.11 Banking ombudsman can reject..
Q.12 An economic system based on free enterprise is known as ...? Ans Capitalism
Q.13 Maturity period of treasury bills....? 91 and 364
Q.14 Cairo is capital of of which Country? Egypt
Q.15 APNS stands for What ? All Pakistan newspaper society
Q.16 SDI stands for What? Strategic Defence Initiative
Q.17 Which is the Largest city of Turkey? Istanbul
Q.18 Which is the Currency of South Africa? Rand
Q.19 Which is the Capital of Germany?  Berlin
Q.20 IMF stands for What ? International monetary fund
Q.21 EFTA stands for What ?  European free trade association.
Q.22 PTBB stands for What ? Punjab Text Book Board
Q.23 Which is the Largest Silver producing Country in the World ? Mexico
Q.24 Takht e Sulaiman is situated in which Country ? Pakistan
Q.25 Shandur pass connects ? Ans Chitral and Gilgit
Q.26 World's most populous city in the World ? Tokyo
If you have questions in mind of today OG-iii ZTBL Paper of OTS please share below in comments .

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