Officer Grade OG-1 SBP today NTS solved paper 8th April 2019 Batch 1

Officer Grade 1 NTS today solved paper Batch 1 held on 8th April 2019 10:00 Am. Download today NTS past paper of OG 1 10th Batch in State Bank of Pakistan Batch  1 2019 morning paper 10:00 Am along with answer key.

OG-1 SBP solved paper Batch 1

1. Which place on earth is visible from Moon? Great Wall of China
2. Who is the current Chieff justice of Lahore High Court? Sardar Muhammad Shamim Khan
3. Who is the current Chief Naval Staff Pakistan? Zafar Mehmood Abbasi
4. What is the total area of continent Asia? 44.58 Million KM 2
5. Which technology is being used by SBP for printing currency notes ? Intaglio
6. DEMAND money and Supply Money Determines?
7. Supply Curve of perishable goods?
10. DOS stand for what? Disk Operating System
11. Pakistan's rank out of 62 countries by economic forum? 47th
12. Favorable balance of Bank account mean?
13. Which city of Pakistan is known as city of Lights? Karachi
11. Which Country is known as country of Canals? Venice
12. Favorable balance of Bank account mean?


13. Cricket : Player
14. Car : Vehicle
15. Teacher : Student
16. Proficiency
17. Acute
18. Advance
20. Overdraft facility provide to bank??

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