Sub Divisional Officer and Assistant Director Civil BPS-17 posts are announced by BPSC in Building Physical Planning and Housing Department. The syllabus for the post of SDO  has been announced now . But while looking at the BPSC past papers of C&W Syllabus test will be of MCQs type and will carry 100 marks. Candidates who are appearing in BPSC test of  for the  first time are asking for how the B&R paper 2021 will be.

C&W Assistant Director Syllabus 2021

Latest Syllabus for the posts of Assistant Director 2021 jobs has been announced officially . Test will be objective type and having 100 Multiple Choice Questions MCQs : - 

Building Material and Construction

Engineering Material, Building Construction and Functional Planning of Building

Design of Structure

  • Design of RC Structure, Design of Steel Structure 

Engineering Mechanics 

  • Static
  • Dynamic 
  • Kinetic 

Strength of Materials

  • Simple Stress and Strain
  • Shear Force and Bending Moment 
  • Deflection of Beams
  • Theories of Columns and Struts 
  • Thin and Thick Cylinders

Structural Analysis

  • Analysis of Determinate Structure 
  • Analysis of Indeterminate Skeletal frames
  • Plastic Analysis of Indeterminate Beams and Simple frames
  • Moving Loads shearing force and bending moment 

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Engineering 

  1. Dynamics of Fluid flow 
  2. Viscous Flow 
  3. Incompressible flow through pipes 
  4. Compressible Flow 
  5. Open Channel flow

Water Resource Engineering 

  • Hydrology 
  • Ground Water Flow 
  • Planning of Water resources

Sanitation & Water Supply (Environmental Engineering) 

  1. Sanitation
  2. Disposal of Sanitary Sewage 
  3. Sewer Treatment 
  4. Environmental Pollution and Ecology
  5. Water Supply
  6. Intake of Water 
  7. Water Storage and Distribution

Hydraulic Machines and Hydropower

  1. Hydraulic Pumps
  2. Reciprocating Pumps
  3. Hydraulic Turbines
  4. Principles of Hydropower Development

Irrigation Engineering 

  • Water requirement for crops
  • Distribution system for canal irrigation
  • Design of Canal
  • Canal Structures 
  • Water Logging 
  • Division Headworks
  • Storage works 
  • Spillways 
  • River Training

Surveying Estimation and Coating

Transportation Engineering 

Airports, Harbors , Railways , Roads, Traffic Engineering and Tunneling .

Construction, Planning and Management

Earthwork equipment, Concreting Equipment's, Planning and Management and Network analysis.

Design of Masonry Structures

Materials, Types of Structures , Types of Stone Masonary



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