Federal Public Service Commission has announced 1007 Posts of Senior Auditors in Pakistan Military Accounts Department Consolidated Advertisement No. 02. FPSC has followed the following pattern in Senior Auditor past papers . FPSC will hold the test of Senior Auditor from 28th July 2019 as per schedule announced. Prepare Senior Auditor test online by following the syllabus of FPSC .

FPSC Senior Auditor MCQs Test Preparation

Multiple Choice Questions MCQS Type Test

Pakistan Military Accounts  Test will be mcqs type test and will have following sections in the paper.

Part 1 English 20 Marks


Part 1 is the English Portion . As per syllabus of Senior Auditor English Portion will consist of English Grammar Usage and sentence structuring . This Section may contain MCQs from synonyms antonyms (words with opposite meanings), prepositions, analogies, and completing the sentences, pointing out mistakes in sentences, active voice and passive voice, arranging sentences in Proper order, Idioms and phrases , direct indirect , spelling mistakes etc . Here are some English Sample Questions on English Prepositions which will help you in your test preparation online .

English MCQs Set Sample Question on Prepositions

Part 2 General Intelligence Test (80 Marks)

Part 2 will contain Head of Accounts, Accounting Principals and Procedures, Ledger and Cash Book, Re-appropriation of Funds, Preparation of Annual Budget, Public Procurement rules 2004, Cost Accounting, Preparation of pension documents, Financial Accounting and Financial Management, Basic IT Knowledge (Equal weight age for each section of Par 2)

Accounting principals and Procedure

Accounting Principals and Procedure is a compulsory part of Senior Auditor test as per FPSC Syllabus . We have prepared Important Notes in details Questions with Answers MCQs Accounting Principals and Procedure. Check below the pdf books you can also download these books in pdf.

Heads of Accounts

Heads of accounts section of Senior Auditor paper will also includes MCQs

Preparation of Annual Budget

How to preparation Annual Budget will also be the part of Senior Auditor 2019 paper. This section will includes Multiple choice questions on preparation of Annual Budget notes.

Financial Accounting and Finance Management

Senior Auditor Test will also include Multiple Choice Questions on Financial Accounting and Financial Management notes.

Senior Auditor Test Preparation MCQs Book PDF Free Download (Click Here to Download)

Basic IT Knowledge

As Per FPSC Syllabus of Senior Auditor test will also include MCQs from Basic IT Knowledge that includes MCQs Fundamentals of Computer, Hardware, Software, MS word, MS Excel and MS Power Point. Check below the Computer Science MCQs for test Preparation

Basic Computer Operations in MS Office MCQs Set 1

Microsoft Word MCQs Set with Answers

Microsoft Excel MCQs Set with Answers

Disclaimer : Above mentioned MCQs are prepared to give an idea to the candidates how the upcoming FPSC Senior Auditor test will be. All the efforts are made to make the content mistake free , Kindly point out mistakes if you find (any).

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