Descriptive Test Syllabus  for the posts Custom Inspector in Pakistan Customs FBR and Inspector Investigation and Assistant Director AD in FIA for the Case No. 150, 178, 259 and 261/2018 has been announced  . Now candidates who have passed above mentioned screening test should appear in descriptive test for the post of Custom Inspector / Intelligence Officer in FBR and Inspector in FIA. Actually Descriptive test is the written test of English Subject Precis and Composition which contain English Essay, Current Affairs, Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies.

Syllabus Custom Inspector, Inspector and Assistant Director  FIA for  Written Test

Here is the syllabus for Descriptive Test for the post Custom Inspector of Federal Public Service Commission. Passing marks for descriptive test is 50 Marks .

Syllabus for Descriptive Test for the FPSC case No. 150, 178, 259 and 261 will contain three parts . Detail of the content weightages of written test is as under:

Part1 (English Essay) 40 Marks 

Candidates will be required to write an Essay in English comprising 1000 words from a set of of four given topics. Candidates are expected to reflect comprehensive knowledge on a selected topic. Candidate articulation, expression, and technical approach to the style of English Essay writing will be examined.

Part II Current (Current Affairs) 30 Marks

Candidates will be expected to demonstrate knowledge on current affairs related to the following:-

  • CPEC and Pakistan
  • Kashmir Issue
  • Pak US Relations
  • Afghanistan Crisis

Descriptive Test Syllabs for the Post of Custom Inspector, Inspector Investigation FIA


Part III (Islamic Studies/ Pakistan Studies) 30 Marks

1. Islamic Studies Introduction to Islam, Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as Role Model, Status of Women in Islam, Articles of Faith, Islamic Code of Life, Islamic Concept of Human Rights

2. Pakistan Studies Parliamentary Democracy in Pakistan under 1973 Constitution, Salient Features of of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, Economic Challenges of Pakistan, Major Social Problems of Pakistan.

You can go through suggested readings / book recommended by FPSC for preparing Descriptive test of Custom Inspector and Inspector Investigation.

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