Custom Inspector batch 5  descriptive test paper held on  31-12-2019. Download AD investigation FIA descriptive   subjectibe paper held on 31st December 2019 morning  . 


1)Linguistics imperialism is a curse
2)Is modernity's optimism and believe on contant progress a myth
3)Would artificial intelligence research create an immortal dictator
4)Moral hazards of multiverse

Q.No.2 Current affairs

1)Critically discuss the Kashmir issue in the light of international bill of human rights
2)Discuss the potential of Kabul river to be use as a tool for coercive diplomacy against Pakistan
3)Why CPEC is an important factor in determining the future of pak us relation

Q:3 Pakistan study and Islamic studies

1)Critically analyze contemporary discourses of amendment 18
2)Quran ahadeeth and Sunnah suggest that Islam safeguard the rights of minorities.explain with example
3)Critically discuss the modernity's slogan of individual in the light of Islamic ideology
4)Discuss the utility and aftermath of hybrid warfare in the context of Pakistan
5)Discuss the causes and consequences of the surge of child abuse in Pakistan . Support your answer with relevant examples
6)What are the contours of Islamic Your answer with solid example


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