Inspector ASF FPSC today solved paper held on 2nd January 2020 02:00 Pm Batch 1. Download today FPSC past paper of Inspector in ASF Air Port Security Force Department 2020 evening paper along with answer key.

Current Affairs

1. Brexit meaning.? Britain Exit
2. Latvia is the old name of which country.?
3. Name of Turkey capital? Ankara
4. Name of European Union capital ? No capital European Commission at Brussels
5. Who was the founder of New Turkey? Mustafa Kamal Ataturk
6. question about Croatia president related to movement?
7. When Barbari mosque was originally demolished? 1992
8. After 1973 constitution when general elections were held? 1977
9. Where is the grave of Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar? Jerusalem, Palestine
10. Allama Iqbal Alma mater which university? PhD University of Munich (Options were not relevant.)
11. Jamal khashoggi in which country consulate being murdered? Turkish Embassy
12. Jamal kashogi belonged to which newspaper? Al-Arab News
13. What was the other name of Nelson Mandela? Black Pimpernel
14. For how many years Nelson Mandela was in prisons? 27 Years
15. Which turkey won the noble prize for literature? Orhan Pamuk
16. Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah completed degree of law from which university?
Islamic Studies
17. Literal meaning of Alhajraat
18. Literal meaning of Zakat ?
19. Literal meaning of Hadees .
20. One question about types of Hadees?
21. Which sahabi was best acknowledge about halal and haram?
22. Zush shahaadatain is the title of which sahabi?
23. When did Ayub khan resigned?  1969
24. When did Zia imposed martial law? 5 July 1977
25. Capital of cuba ? Havana
26. Kashmir Issue Ladakh Area....under which Artilce it was imposed ? (Article 370)
27. Who presented Lahore Resolution?  Ans. Fazal ul Haq
28. 64% of 240.....? 153.6
29. Who is the Current US Amabassador to Pakistan ? Paul W. Jones
30. 1962 constitution date ? 1st March 1962
31. How many Surah's are there in Holy Quran? 11420 questions about ASF act

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