Inspector Investigation FPSC today solved paper held on 5th January 2020 10:00 Am Batch 2. Download today FPSC past paper of Inspector in FIA Federal Investigation Agency Department 05-01-2020 morning paper along with answer key.

1. Marsh gas? Methane
2. Ore of Aluminium ? Bauxite
3. Bonding in methane? Carbon Hydrogen
4. The chemical formula of Heavy water is ? D2O
5. Who was the 2nd President of Pakistan? Ayub Khan
6. Which Pakistani Pop Singer which got Sitara-e-Imtiaz 2018? Shehzad Roye
7. Name the President of Sri Lanka who got guest of honor in 2018?
8. Current Prime Minister  of Nepal? KP Sharma Oli
9. Al Maida means? The Table or Table spread with food
10. Importance of Sura Kosar?
11. What is the duration of one half of hockey match? 35 Minutes
12. Which Country produces more oil? Russia
13. Balkasar dam is in which district?
14. 2017 ICC champion trophy winner? Pakistan
15. Which pakistani test player got test mace?
16. Book is _______ the newspaper.
17. Allotropy of corbon? Diamond
18. Types of Wahi?
19  Khwarizmi was expert of? Maths, astronomer
20. Swat abolished in Pakistan in? 1969

If you remember mcqs of today's Inspector Investigation FIA FPSC paper Batch 2 please share below in comments.

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