Candidates who are applying Online on FPSC Jobs are facing difficulty in uploading their photos. It is the requirements to upload passport size photograph in online application form both for FPSC and PPSC jobs. Requirement for FPSC jobs is that your photo should be 30 KB of Maximum size or less and Requirement for photo size for PPSC Jobs is 25 KB or less . If the photos are uploaded without compressed size photos will not be uploaded. 

Many candidates are complaining about this issue to PPSC and FPSC . You should follow the following steps to upload photos of required size in your online application both for FPSC and PPSC . 

  1. Visit Compress Now website or Click Here .
  2. Upload the photo you want to reduce size .
  3. Choose Compression Level of Photo. When it reaches to required size then Press Compress Button
  4. Press Compress Button .
  5. Click on Download button , your photo will be downloaded in Computer or Mobile download section

Follow the above mentioned steps to easily upload photos in photo uploading section of FPSC Screening Test MPT CSS 2022 and other PPSC Jobs. 

 Compress Image for FPSC PPSC Jobs Apply Online to 30KB and 25KB

Rizwan Khan
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