Federal Public Service Commission has conducted screening test for the post of Senior Auditor (BPS-16 ) .  Total posts announced by FPSC were 770 including regional quota and merit posts as mentioned in the advertisement. 

Syllabus for the Post of Senior Auditor (BPS-16)  Controller General of Accounts Organization, Finance Division, Government of Pakistan

Federal public service commission FPSC has announced the following syllabus for the preparation of Senior Auditor Exam which contains English and Professional Test . By following the fpsc syllabus you can prepare Senior Auditor Test Easily . The questions asked in past papers of Senior Auditor will be quiet helpful in preparation of said post . This set of question will build your ideas from which book or source MCQs of Senior Auditor are taken. 

Part-I English Grammar Usage, Sentence Structuring  ( 20 Marks )

Part-II    Professional Test (80 Marks )

 Heads of Accounts , Accounting Principles & Procedures , Ledger & Cash Book, Re-appropriation of Funds,  Preparation of Annual Budget, Journal,  Public Procurement Rules, 2004 , Cost Accounting  , Preparation of Pension Documents. , Financial Accounting Financial Management ,  Basic IT Knowledge, Business taxation

FPSC Senior Auditor (BPS- 16) Test Past Papers 

Multiple Choice Questions MCQs test was conducted on 13th August 2017  in Four Batches . Test held in all major cities of Pakistan . Candidates has shared the questions which appeared in paper of Senior Auditor . Questions asked in all three batches is as under:

Part 1- English MCQs

Fill in the sentences with most appropriate choice

1. Would you mind ____________on the light.

(A) Switch (B) Switching  (C) To Switching (D) To Be Switching

2. The gentry ________ invited the party .

(A) has (B) Have been (c) have (d) was

3. Giving is better than 

(a) receive (b) to receive (c) be received ( d) receiving 

4.  Either you are he is _________fault .

(a)  is (b) are (c) have (d) were

5. I am feeling _________better today. 

(a) too (b) very (c) rather (d) fairly 

6.  I have no _________against him .

(a) case (b) grudge  (c) request (d) desire 

7.  Adequate _________must taken to avoid accidents.

(a) caution (b) precaution  (c) warning (d) danger 

8.  The government has order a _________________inquiry into the police firing.

(a) governmental (b) judicial (c) legal (d) penal

9. You are old enough to _________your shoes laces yourself .

(a) Knit (b) tie  (c) bind  (d)  tight 

10. As a last ___________he has appealed to the princiapl

(a) method (b) chance (c) resort  (d) course 

 What is underlined part of the sentence 

11. Borrowed garments never fit well .

(A) Subject (B) Pradicate (C) Conjunction (D) Position 

12. He sold his house to John 

(A) . Direct Object (B) Indirect Object ( C) Helping Verb (D)  Verb

13.  Running Fast they caught the last Bus 

(A) Noun Phrase (B) Adjective Phrase (C)  Adverb Phrase (D) Clause 

14. Swimming is my favorite recreation.

(A) Participle (B) Compliment (C) Gerund ( D) Preposition

15. Rear Seats seem cramped 

(A) Linking Verb (B) Direct Object (C) Indirect Object (D) Complement

16. Face your problems boldly 

(A)  Noun (b) Adjective (c) Adverb (d) Preposition 

17. This house is to let .

(A) Infinitive (B) Preposition (C) Helping Verb (D) Interjection 

18.  We came after they had left 

(A) Preposition (B) Adjective  (C) Adverb (D) Conjunction

19. He showed much patience 

(A) Adverb (B) Complement (C) Adjective  (D) Preposition 

20. Hush! Don't make the noise 

(A) Preposition (B) Phrase (C) Clause (D) Interjection

Part 2 (Professional ) 

 21. Which System production Information used for inventory valuation, budgeting, cost control, performance reporting, and make buy decisions? 

(A) Sales Order Processing (B) Purchase Account Payable (C) Cash Disbursements (D) None of These

22. The order of the entries made in the ledger is by : 

(A) Transaction Number (B) Account Number (C)Date  (D) None of These

23. In general , a special Journal would not be used to record :?

(A) Sales (B) Cash Disbursement (C) Depreciation (D) None of These

24. Subsidiary ledgers are used in manual accounting environments . What file is comparable to a subsidiary ledger in a computerized environment?

(A)  Archive File (B) Reference File (C) Transaction File (D) None of These 

25. Which of the following is an archive File 

(A) An account payable subsidiary ledger (B) A cash receipts file (C) A sales journal (D) None of These 

26. When determining the batch size , which consideration is the least important ?

(A) Achieving economies by grouping together large number of transactions 

(B) Comply with legal mandates 

(C) Providing control over the transaction process 

(D) None of These 

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