Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau posts announced by Federal Public Service Commission . FPSC has conducted tests of AD IB in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 . Download past papers of  Assistant Director IB test . Check out the solved past papers of AD IB . 

Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau Solved Past Paper of 2016 FPSC MCQs  

1.  We should not look  ________the poor . (A) off (B) Down (C) Down Upon (D) None of These

2. She was compensated _____________ the loss of her belongings. (A) for (B) Over (C) Against  (D) None of these.

3. Put your signature _____________ blue pen  . (A) through (B) In  (C) With (D) None of these 

4. We should not hunker __________Worldly pleasure. (A) For (B) About (C) After (D) None of These

5. I have _________one rupee note in my hand . (A) a (B) an (C) The (D) None of These

6. While traveling to Karachi , I ran ___________very old friend of mine.  (A) into (B) Against (C) Across  (D) None of These

7. It _________too cold to go out last night, so we stayed at home (A) has been (B) was (c) Used to be (D) None of These

8. A poor woman _________ I knew nursed the orphan.   (A) Who (B) Whom  (C) that  (D) None of These

Choose the Synonym of the Capitalized 

9. Nettled  (A) Displeased (B) Agreed (C)Annoyed (D) None of these 

10. Ignominy  (A) Humiliation (B) Victory (C) Sphere  (D) None of These 

11. Culpable (A) Involved (B) Guilty (C) Affected (D) None of these 

Choose the Correct meanings of Idioms 

12.  To See Eye To Eye  (A) Agree (B) Disagree (C)  To fight  (D) None of These 

13. To Smell a Rat  (A) To Misunderstood (B) To suspect a deceit (C) To see hidden meanings (D) None of These

14. To be at Dragger's Drawn (A) To be frightened (B) To be ready to face danger (C) To be bitter enemy (D) None of These 

Choose the word opposite in meanings to the words capitalized 

15. Indignation (A) Renopant (B) Cooperation (C) Antagonism (D) None of these

16. Disdain (A)Humility (B) Contempt (C) Respect (D) None of these 

17. Obstinate (A) Aggressive (B) Considerate (C) Compliant (D) None of These

 Choose the Correct Option Passive Voice 

18. A stone Struck me on the head .

(A) I am struck on the head by stone (B) My head has been struck by the stone  (C) My head was stuck with a stone . (D) None of These 

Choose the Correct Option (Indirect Narrations ) 

19. He told , " The sun is Stationary ". (A) He told that the sun is stationary  (B) He told that the sun was stationary  (C) He told the sun is stationary  (D) None of these.

20. He said to her , " Don't read so fast ". (A) He requested her to read not so fast. (B) He has forbidden her to read so fast . (C) He forbade her to read so fast (D) None of these.







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