Today FPSC Custom Inspector test Batch 5 Paper Evening 9:00 Pm conducted by FPSC on 11th September 2018 . The following questions were asked in today paper of Custom Inspector in FPSC test. Custom Inspector paper consists of English , Islamic Studies, General Science and Ability , Current Affairs and Basic Arithmetic Questions. Paper was tricky . Solved paper of Custom Inspector held on 11th September 2018 Batch 5 download in PDF.

Solved MCQs of Custom Inspector FPSC Test Batch 5

1. Who is the speaker of the Provincial Assembly Balochistan? Ans Abdul Qadoos Bizenjo

2. How many Medals Win by Pakistan in Asian Games 2016.Ans .

3. Who is the Current IG of Islamabad Police? Lt. Rtd. Jan Muhammad

4. Total Length of China Pakistan Economic Corridor is ______________?. 2442 KM

5. The short serving Governor in Sindh Political History is ___________? Justice (R) Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui

6. Present Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar took oath on ? 31st December 2016

7. Which is the Coldest Place in Pakistan  ? Ziarat

8. 2019 Cricket World Cup will be held in ___________________ ? England

9. How many Woman Candidates selected directly in National Assembly in 2018? 8

10. Nearest Planet to earth is _______? Venus

11. How many Muslim States including Arab Countries qualified for FIFA World Cup 2018 ? 6

12. The 25th Common Heads of Government Meeting 2018 CHOGM held in which country? UK

13. In which city of Australia Common Wealth Games 2018 played ? Sydney , Australia

14. State Bank of Pakistan was establishd in? Ans 1948

15. What is the Circumference of the circle whose area is 100 pie ? Ans is 35.45

16. Which fraction is largest ?   Ans B. 4/5

(A) 1/2   (B) 4/5   (C)  5/8   (D) None of the Above

17. Which Country is most vulnerable to climate change?'

18. Fourth State of Matter is ______________. Plasma

19. Good Source of Vitamin A are ____________? Leafy Vegetable

20. Acid Rain is caused mainly by emissions of _______________?  Ans Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide

21. About 50% of the Earth's Crust , including waters on earth and atmosphere is __________.  Ans Oxygen

22. Water Covers How much percentage of earth ? 70%

23. In general, wind speed of 105-137 caused ________? Minor or No damage

24.  Wind Energy is of which type of energy ? Kinetic Energy

25. Who is considered as the founder of Meteorology? Aristotle

26. The energy value of food is measured in ____________? Calories

27. The instrument which is used to measure wind speed is ___________? Anemometer

28. Gas Commonly known as laughing as __________? Nitrous Oxide

29. Source of Oxygen in Photosynthesis is ___________?  Water

30. Good source of Vitamins C are ____________? Ans fresh vegetables and fruits

31. Good Source of Iodine are ___________? Sea Foods

32. Good Source of Vitamin-B Complex are ? Seeds

33. Saudi LED Military Alliance Headquarter is situated in _________. Riyadh Saudi Arabia




Answers to FPSC Custom Inspector Paper Batch-5 held on 11th September 2018 Morning Session


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