Today FPSC Custom Inspector test Batch 7 Paper morning 10:00 Pm conducted by FPSC on 12th September 2018 . The following questions were asked in today paper of Custom Inspector in FPSC test. Custom Inspector paper consists of English , Islamic Studies, General Science and Ability , Current Affairs and Basic Arithmetic Questions. Paper was tricky . Solved paper of Custom Inspector held on 12th September 2018 Batch 7 download in PDF.

Solved MCQs of Custom Inspector FPSC Test Batch 7

1. In Italy Election in 2018 held on which date ? Ans 4th March 2018

2. How many countries participated in Common Wealth Games 2018? 71

3. Happiest Country in the World ? Finland

4. Luiz Inacio Lulu Da Silva , Former president of which country accused of corruption n sentenced to jail mcqs? Brazil

5. Name the Australian Players who are banned over ball tempering charges ? Steve Smith and David Warner

6. Name the Country in which Mosque administration were asked to raise Country Flags? China

7. On how many constituencies election is postponed in general election 2018 ? 8

8. Total Number of Woman Seats in National Assembly of Pakistan? 60

9. Name the Pakistani who served as the Judge of International Court of Justice  ? Muhammad Zafar Ullah Khan

10. Name the Surah which start without Bismillah ? Surah e Al Tauba

11. Name the Surah which Start with 2 Bismillah ? Surah e Al Namal

12. Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) stayed in Madina for How many years ? 10 Years

13. Which city is known as the city of Prophets? Palestine

14. Touching Hijare Aswad is known as ________? Ans Istelam

15. Asia Cup 2018 to be played in ___________? Ans UAE

16. Who is the Current IG of Punjab Police ? Ans Kaleem Imam changed on 12th September 2018 . Both options will be correct .

17. Pakistan positions in Common Wealth Games 2018 according to Medal Table ? Pakistan with 5 Medals in total (1 Gold and 4 Bronze Medals)

18. First Migration of Muslims was towards _________? Ethiopia (Abyssynia)

19. Win Miynt is the President of which Country? Myanmar

20. Malik Ghulam Muhammad was the First _______? First Finance Minister of Pakistan.

Answers to FPSC Custom Inspector Paper Batch-7 held on 12th September 2018 Morning Session


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