Ministry of Defence NTS today papers was held on 3rd February 2019 Saturday. Jobs of  Supervisors, Lady receptionist, Fire Fighter, Technical Monitoring Staff, Operator Special, Assistant , Sub Inspectors, Sub Engineers, UDC, LDC were announced in December 2019. Download fully solved past paper of Ministry of Defence paper held on 03.02.2019

1. Which gas is used in packaging of Chips bags? Nitrogen Gas
2. Flying birds consist which law of newton? Newton First Law of Motion
3 Main chemical  which is used in animals teeth?
4. When ice melts its density increases or decreases?
5. Which is the highest military award of Pakistan? Nishan-e-Haider
6. First Gas was discovered in which area of Pakistan? Sui, Balochistan
7. Capital of Italy? Rome
8. Which pass connects Peshawar with Chitral? Malakand Pass
9. Where does River Sutlej and Chenab rivers meets?
10. Nearest planet to Sun? Mercury
11. Which is the Largest country of the World area wise? Russia
12. Name of Pa-Afghanistan border? Durand Line
13. Where is Muslim bag? Balochistan
14. First captain of Pakistani Cricket Team? Abdul Hafeez Kardar
15. Total Number of Rivers in Balochistan ?7 Rivers
16. Current first lady of US? Melania Trump
17. Headquarter of the International Court of Justice is situated in___? The Hague, Netherlands
18. Pirates activity in which African area?
19. US highest journalist award? Pulitzer Prize
20. Who represented Pakistan in 17 SCO meeting? Mian Nawaz Sharif
21. Command of tayyam in which ghazwa?
22. Synonym of (irregular, adhere, obligatory, unstable and decompose)
23. Antonym of (waive, duplicate, miserly, amalgamate and grim)
24. Law of inheritance in which hijri?
25. Hazrat Hamza was what to Prophet PBUH?  Uncle
26. Ravi, Sutlej and Beas are rivers owned by India or Pakistan? India
27. Kashmir boundaries with?
28. Airline which moved people after partition?
29. Indian anthem language?Bengali
30. IDPD day observed on? 3rd December
31. Arctic ocean consist x% of reserves etc?
32. Global warming happens due to which gas? Carbon Dioxide
33. Fairaizi movement was against?
34. Shah waliullah born during which emperors reign?
35. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah joined Muslim League  in which year?
36. Separate electorate for Muslims in which movement?
37. Total factories after partition?
38. Current Defence minister of Pakistan? Pervaiz Khattak
39. Who is the Current Prime Minister of North Korea? Pak Pong Ju
40. Who is the Current information minister of Pakistan? Fawad Chaduary
41. Who appoints caretaker government in Pakistan? Election Commission of Pakistan
42. Current Pakistan's Ambassador to UN? Maleeha Lodhi

If you remember questions of today's paper held on 3rd February 2019 please share questions below.

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