50 Posts of Assistant BPS-16 announced by PPSC in March 2019 in Planning and Development Department. So far 3971 candidates have applied on the post of Assistant in PPSC. As per past papers of Assistant test will be of mcqs type and will carry 100 marks with time of 90 minutes duration and there is also negative marking of 0.25 marks. Candidates who are appearing in PPSC test for the first time are asking for how the Assistant PPSC 2019 test will be.

Assistant PPSC Syllabus

Check below the syllabus of Assistant announced by PPSC:

Assistant in Planning and Development P&D PPSC Syllabus 2019

General Knowledge

Assistant in P&D PPSC test will contain MCQs from General Knowledge. GK section also includes, Pakistan Studies, Current Affairs, Islamic Studies (Ethics for Non Muslim candidates) , Geography, Basic Mathematics, English, Urdu, Every day Science and Computer Studies

Every day science

Every Day Science MCQs is also the compulsory part of Assistant in P&D . These MCQs may be taken from the Inventions, Universe, Vitamins, Human Body System, Green House Effect , Global Warming etc. Go through past papers of PPSC for better understanding of Every Day Science MCQ , most of the EDS mcqs are taken from past papers. .

Pakistan Affairs & Islamic Studies

Pakistan Affairs syllabus for the post of Assistant includes important historical events such as  formation of East India Company, Mughal Emperors of India, All India Muslim League, Nehru Report, Fourteen points of Quaid-e-Azam, Allah Abad Address, Life of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Sir Agha Khan, Liaqat Ali Khan, List of Governor Generals of Pakistan, List of the Prime Ministers of Pakistan, Constitutions of Pakistan including Objective resolution.

Islamic Studies

Islamic Study MCQs is also the part of Assistant in Planning and Development Department. Islamic Studies portion includes MCQs on Life of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and their companions, family members , Ghazawas, Important dates , Ashra Mubashra, Hijrat e Madina and other important events of Islamic History.

Computer Studies

Assistant PPSC test will include Multiple Choice Questions MCQs related to Computer Science such as Microsoft Office, Fundamentals of Computers .

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