Computer Operator Paper held on 24th March 2019 by Punjab Public Service Commission . You can check below PPSC Computer Operator  past paper in Punjab Treasury and Accounts Service in Finance Department .

  1. Volley ball was include in Olympics  inwhich years? 1964 
  2. From the given options which one don't have headquarter in Geneva?  WHO WTO ILO FAO  Ans. FAO
  3. Under root 11664/?=2 ( 50 52 56 54 ) 
  4. DSL is an example of ...?
  5. Which Vitamins are water soluble ? Vitamin B and C are water soluble
  6. OIC came into existence in which year? 1969
  7. Which storage media gives sequential access? Magnetic storage or optical storage
  8. Time required by header to go on particular track of had disk is called?
  9. Intersection of row and column is called? Ans Cell
  10. Network which is based on small area or building is called? LAN
  11. Number of the month Ramazan in Islamic Calendar? 9th
  12. Name the newly elected Brazillian President? Jair Bolsanaro
  13. Total number of the Security Council members? 15
  14. Which one is the example of social media from the given options?
  15. What is functionality of printf statement in C ? to print the out of program
  16. Default orientation of slide in power point? landscape
  17. Deleting cell in the table is known as ?
  18. In c language break statement can be written as ? break;
  19. DSL cable is an example of what ?
  20. Meaning of Namaz ?

I have shared some question of today paper of Computer Operator , if you remember other please share .

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