Today Punjab Public Service Commission has conducted test for the post of Junior Clerk Lahore High Court . Any One who appeared in today test of PPSC LHC JC  held on 14th October 2018 please share your questions and lets try to solve it and check answer keys for today test.

PPSC Junior Clerk Lahore Court today Test

Please share questions of today PPSC paper for the post of Junior Clerk  below and we will discuss in detail with answer keys .

1. CAD Stands for ________. Ans Computer Aided Design

2. PDF Stands for _________. Ans Portable Document Format

3. Search Engine owned by Microsoft ? Bing

4. What is Twitter ? Twitter is a social media website

5. Guantanamo Bay is located in which country? Ans Cuba

6. Lalak Jan was martyred in which war ?Ans  Kargil War

7. Who is the father of Computer ? Ans Charles Babbage

8. Nobel Prize in Literature 2016? Ans Bob Dylan

9. Ctrl+ W is used for what ? Ans to Close active Window of program such as pdf

10. 47th Meeting of World Economic Forum held on..?  17th to 20th January 2017 in Switzerland

11. Exodus Means.....? Ans Mass Departure of People

12. Caucus Means ... ? Meeting 

13. Valiant Means .... ? Showing Courage or determinations

14. Tacit Means ... ? Understood

15. Name the player who became the first Pakistani player to play 50 test matches as Captain? Ans Misbah ul Haq

16. Sword of Honor was first received by Whom in PMA Kakool ? Major Aziz Bhatti

16. Which shortcut key is used to add a comment in Microsoft word?  Ans Ctrl+Alt+M

17. Choose the correct spelt word ? Adulterate

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