Today Punjab Public Service Commission has conducted test for the post of Excise and Taxation Inspector .  We are sharing MCQS questions with Answers solved PPSC Excise Inspector Paper held on 20-10-2018 . Any One who appeared in today test of PPSC ETI held on 20th October 2018 can share questions and check answer keys below for today test.

PPSC Excise and Taxation Today Solved Paper held on 20th October 2018

Check Today PPSC paper for the post of Excise and Taxation Inspector  below with answer keys .

    1. Who was the first Muslim Governor of Lahore _______. Ans Malik Ayaz
    2. Khaak Aur Khoon is written by _________.  Ans Naseem Hijazi
    3. Sum of the square of three numbers is 175, while sum of their products taken two at a time is 225. The Sum is ______.  Ans 25
    4. Eden Garden Ground is situated in Which Country _____. Ans Kolkata India
    5. Novel Mah e Tamam is written by ___________. Ans Parveen Shakir
    6. Length of the Penalty Area of the Football ground ___. Ans 16.5 Meter (18 Yard)
    7. Runner up team of FIFA World Cup 2018 _____. Ans Croatia
    8. Spark Plug is used in Diesel Engine _________. Ans No, Spark Plug is not used in diesel engine
    9. Synonym of the Successive ________. Ans Consecutive
    10. Kofi Annan belong to which Country ?  Ans Ghana
    11. Taurat is revealed on which Prophet ? Ans Hazra Musa
    12. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan appointed by Whom ? Ans President of Pakistan
    13. Select the Odd number from the given list of 14, 28, 35, 65.. ? Ans 65
    14. Name the first person who landed on moon ?  Ans Neil Armstrong
    15. Who is the second person who landed on moon s? Ans Buzz Aldrin
    16. Synonym of the Catastrophe ? Ans Disaster
    17. Pasni is located in ________? Ans Balochistan
    18. Hamayun Nama is written by ______ ? Ans Gulbadan Begum
    19. Total Number of Countries in BRIC ? Ans 4 ( Brazil, Russia, India and China)
    20. What was the profession of Fatima Jinnah ? Ans Dental Surgeon
    21. Bile is produced by _______? Liver
    22. Swadeshi Rail is written by ______? Ans Shaukat Thanvi
    23. Haro and Swan River _______?
    24. Choose the correct spelt word from given options ? Bureaucracy
    25. Headquarter of Food and Agriculture organization ? Rome , Italy
    26. Which Country is not the Horn of Africa ______? Senegal ( Horn of Africa is a peninsula in East Africa comprises of 4 countries Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia,)
    27. Who was the second Mughal Emperor ? Hamayun
    28. Takht Bhai is located in _____? Mardan , KPK, Pakistan
    29. Synonym of infringe _________? Contravene, violate
    30. DPI stands for __________? Dot Per Inch
    31. Smallest addressable element in image ____? Pixel
    32. Who was the first President of Algeria ____? Ahmed Ben Bella
    33. 1024 Kilobyte =_______? 1 Megabyte
    34. Who was the First President of Indian National Congress ___? Womesh Chandder Bonnerjee
    35. OIC Headquarter _______? Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
    36. Headquarter of CERN _____? Geneva , Switzerland
    37. Which Country is known as Land of Thousand Lakes ? Finland
    38. Which City is known as City of Canals ?  Venice
    39. Quaid-e-Azam House Museum is situated in which city of Pakistan ? Karachi
    40. When the USSR attacked and captured  Afghanistan ? 1979
    41. Pakistan joined Baghdad Pact (also known as CENTO) in which year? 1955
    42. Which country first implemented GST in 1954 ? France
    43. Brazil is situated in which Country ? South America
    44. Surkano was the first President of Which Country? Indonesia
    45. USA purchased ALASKA from which country? Russia
    46. Ryder Cup is related with which Sports ? Golf
    47. First Oscar Awards Ceremony held in which year ? 16th May 1929
    48. Waqa-e-Zulqurnain mentioned in which Surah of Holy Quran ? Al-Kahf
    49. Antonym of Credulous ? Skeptical
    50. Antonym of Felicity? Sadness, Depression
    51. Who serve as the returning Officer in Presidential Election ? Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan
    52. Cyril Ramaphosa is the President of  Which Country ? South Africa
    53. Flag of Malaysia contain 14 cornered stars and a crescent which represents? 13 States and Federal Government
    54. From the given options which one is not the picture editing application ? Powerpoint (A. Coral Draw B. Paint C. Adobe Photoshop D. Powerpoint)
    55. Name the Surah which starts  without Bismillah?  Surah e Tauba
    56. All the functions are performed in which part of the Computer ?
    57. Which is the largest cantonment of Pakistan ? Khariyan
    58. The book of Hadith, Al-Muwatta was compiled by? Imam Malik
    59. if xyz got 173 marks out of 300. what is the percent of her passing? 57.66%
    60. he average weight of A, B and C is 45 kg. If the average weight of A and B be 40 kg and that of B and C be 43 kg, then the weight of B is___? 31 KG
    61. Summer Olympics 2022 will be held in _____? Ans China
    62. 1st country in the World where right of vote given to women? Ans New Zealand in 1893
    63. Teeth decay occurs due to deficiency of___? Florine
    64. Deficiency of Vitamin C causes ______? Scurvy
    65. Name of the 1st noble prize winner person was frdrick which country he belong to___? United Kingdom
    66. Which is the largest Peninsula in the World ? Arabian Peninsula
    67. OIC stands for  _____? Ans Organization of Islamic Conference
    68. Angel Fall is situated in which Country ? Venezuela
    69. Who was the successor of Babar ? Hamayun
    70. What is the plural of Piano ? Pianos
    71. Delhi Pact was signed between _____? Pakistan and India ( also known as Liaquat Nehru Pact)
    72. Largest Dam of Pakistan with respect to generating capacity ____? Tarbela Dam
    73. What was the favorite sports of Quaid-e-Azam ? Billiards and Cricket
    74. Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas got the Nishan-e-Haider in which year? 1971
    75. Bhambore is situated in which city of Pakistan ? Thatta, Sindh
    76. Which Country is known as birth place of Islam ? Saudi Arabia
    77. Qazi Jee is written by whom ?  Shoukat Thanvi
    78. Largest Man Made water fall is situated in which country ? China
    79. Name the first baby born after Hijrah to Madina?  Abd Allah bin Az-Zubair
    80. Who appoints judges in Pakistan ? Judicial Commission of Pakistan
    81. India's Baghliar Dam is situated on which river ?  Chenab River
    82. Name the actor who played the role of Quaid-e-Azam in movie ? Christopher Lee
    83. Gaddani a beach in Balochistan is famous for what ? Ship breaking Yard
    84. Total Length of Pakistan and China Border is ________? 595 KM
    85. Al-Azb is the name of sword ____? Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H)
    86. Which Country is not the part of BRIC from given Countries ? Belgium

Excise Inspector Paper held on 21st October 2018 for Lahore region Full Solved (Click Here)


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