Custom Inspector today FPSC paper 24th April 2019 Batch 1

Custom Inspector today solved paper Batch 1 held on 24th April 2019 10:00 am. Download today FPSC past paper of Custom Inspector/ Intelligence Officer in Pakistan Customs  2019 morning paper along with answer key.

Custom Inspector  solved paper Batch 1

1. What is Moon? (A) Satellite (B) Star (C) Both A & B  Ans . Satellite
2. Neutron has which charge? (A) Neutral (B) Positive (C) Negative (D) Positive Ans. Neutral
3. What is meant by flow of current? Flow of Electron
4. What is freezing point of Water? 0 Degree Centigrade
5. In which year Muslim league come into being? 1906
6. Who was the First president of Pakistan Muslim League? Chaudary Khaliquzaman
7. Which melts in room temperature? Mercury
8. Who is the current chairman of  the Senate of Pakistan? Sadiq Sanjrani
9. What is Soap? (A) Salt (B) Base (C) Acid (D) None of the Above
10. What type of gas is used in electric bulb? None of these(use Argon, neon etc)
11. Who is current king of Saudi Arabia? King Salman
12. By whom martial law was imposed  in 1977? General Zia ul Haq
13. By whom constitution was abrogated in 1958? Sikandar Mirza
14. Who is current chancellor of Germany? Angela Markel
15. Who was the Second prime minister of Pakistan? Khawaja Nazim ud din
16. Who murdered Hazrat Ali R.A? Abdal-Rahman ibn Muljam
17. Zakat obliged in which Hijri Year ? 2.A.H
18. Battle of Trench happened in which year? 5 Hijri
19. Capital of Australia? Canberra
20. Who accompanied in Hijrat to Hazrat Muhammat PBUH? Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A
21. What is meant by Evolution? Continuous
22. What is meant by Zamzam ? Stop flowing
23. After one unit in 1955 who become Chief minister of West Pakistan? Dr Khan Sahib(Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan)
24. In 1946 who is the Minister of Finance? Liaquat Ali Khan
25. Simon Commission report presented in which year ? 1930
26. in which year Capital changed to Delhi from Calcutta ? 1911
27. What is meant by Dry ice? Solid Carbon dioxide
28. Indus Basin Treaty was signed in which year ? 1960
29. ILO stands for what ? International Labor Organization
31. Kashghar is situated in which country ? China
32. Pakistan and China are connected with which pass? Khunjerab Pass
33. Who is the Author of Lolyal Muhammaden ? Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
34. Hormuz Strait lies between? Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf
35. One uni abolished by whom? Yahya khan
36. Jaliawala Bagh Massacre occured at? Amrster 1919
37. Sindh separated ifrom Bombay in which Indian Act? Govt of India Act 1935
39. After 1946 election who was the CM of NWFP? Dr. Khan Sahib(Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan)
40. Which country is a landlocked country? Nepal
41. Who is the current Prime Minister of Iraq? Haider al Abidi
42. What is the new name of Burma? Myanmar
43. S.I Unit of Charge is ? Coulomb
44. Who gave the theory of relativity? Albert Einstein
45. What is the meaning of Al-Baqarah? Cow
46. Allama Iqbal elected as member of Punjab Provincial Assembly in which year? 1926
47. What was the real name of Shah Wali Ullah? Syed Qutub din Ahmad
48. Liaquat Ali Khan was born in which city? Karnal
49. Name the oldest leader of Malaysia who win the election recently? Mahatir Muhammad
50. Device which converts chemical energy into Electrical Energy? Battery

Current Affairs

  1. UN Secretary General ? Antonio Gutteres
  2. Name the Pakistani-American citizen who became district Judge in Texas? Rabia Collier
  3. Asif Saeed Khosa is the ____ Chief Justice of Pakistan ? 26th
  4. USA moved its Embassy from Tal Aviv to which city? Jerusalem
  5. Saudi Arabia announced how much bail out package for Pakistan ? $6.2 Billion
  6. Tayyip Erdagon secured which percentage of votes in Presidential election ? 52.59%
  7. Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated in which Country's Saudi Consulate? Turkey
  8. BRICS 10th Summit held in which Country? Johannesburg, South Africa

English Section 1

  1. Urdu is ____over Pakistan ? (A) Speak (B) Spoke (C) Spoken (D) None of these Ans. Spoken
  2. Sara was born ____1990 ____August 2019. (A) in, on (B) on, on (C) at, on (D) None of these Ans. in, on
  3. She asked us ___ for her . (A) to wait (B) waiting (C) waited (D) None of these
  4. I lost the book which you _____ me. (A) give (B) gave (C) giving (D) None of these
  5. My sister can speak _____French, so we easily found the place we were searching for (A) a few (B) the little (C) a little (D) None of these Ans. A little
  6. He succeeded ______working hard. (A) through (B) by (C) for (D) None of these Ans. By
  7. A biography contain information _____people . (A) to (B) about (C) at (D) None of these Ans. About
  8. Sara is ______girl in our school (A) tall (B) taller (C) tallest (D) none of the above
  9. There were ____people in the mall, we were not completely alone (A) a few (B) fewer (C) very little (D) None of the Above. 
  10. The rain continued for ___of the days when we were in Lahore, but fortunately there was not ______damage in the city. (A) a few, many (B) several, alot (C) very little (D) None of these  . Ans several, alot
  11. She should better have an electrician ______that switches in the kitchen. (A) repair (B) repaired (C) to repair (D) None of these
  12. How many times  _____ told you not to waste your time. (A) your teachers have (B) have not your teachers (C) your teacher have (D) None of these
  13. Ali _____studying until he _____all the exam topics. (A) did not stop, covered (B) had not stop, cover (C) stopped, covered (D) None of these
  14. _____ I am afraid of dogs, my sister ____lets her dog without a leash. (A) Since, never (B) Though, however (C) However, yet (D) None of these



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