SST Maths today FPSC paper 25th October 2019

SST Maths FPSC today paper held on 25th October 2019 10:00 Am. Download today FPSC past paper of Secondary School Teacher Maths Male and Female 2019 morning paper along with answer key.

  1. If n is prime number root n+1 is ? (A) Real Number (B) Prime Number (C) Whole numbers (D) None of these
  2. Point of intersection 2x+y=5 and x2+y2+2x-9=0
  3. Following equation represent 9x2+4y2-18x+8y-23=0 (A) Parabola (B) Ellipse (C) Hyperbola (D) None of these
  4. f(x) is positive then "f" is
  5. Matrix of coefficient either have no solution or infinite solution is linearly (A) Dependent (B) Independent (C) Both A&B
  6. Sum of finite -4,-3,-2,-1,+1,+2,+3,+4,......999 is ?
  7. 2304 find the binary with base?
  8. Which of the following is closure property w.r.t addition . (A) { 1,-1},  (B){1,-2}  (C) {1,1} (D) None of these
  9. The term of coefficient of expansion (1+x)5 is (A) x4 (B) x2 (C) x5 (D) None of these
  10. { -3n: n E z} is an obilian group under (A) Additive (B) Multiplicative (C) Division (D) None of these
  11. P(S) denote the power set of 'S' which true (A) P(P(S)) = P(S) (B) P(P(S)Intersection(P(S))infinity  (C) S does not belong to P(S)
  12. If M is skew symmetric then Mt is (A) M (B) M (C) -M (D) Zero

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