AD NAB today FPSC paper 23rd September 2020 Batch 1

AD NAB FPSC today solved paper Batch 1 held on 23rd September 2020 10:00 Am. Download today FPSC past paper of Assistant Director in National Accountability Bureau 2020 morning paper 10:00 Am along with the answer keys.

 AD NAB solved paper Batch 1 2020

1.Prince William visited Pakistan in? October 2019
2. Name  the World youngest Prime Minister?Sana Marrin Finland
3. Total worth of Defence budget in the Financial Year 2020-21? 1289 Billion Pak Rupees
4. Army chief of Pakistan extended-term? 3 years
5. Who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of  Pakistan before Asif Saeed Khosa? Mian Saqib Nisar
6. Which country fired missiles on USA troops in Iraq? Iran
7. Peace agreement of Muslim countries with Israel? UAE
8. Total verses in surah Ikhlas? 4
9. Surah Naas arrangement number? 114
10. Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH birth year? 570
11 Name the Last ghazwa? Ghazwa-e-Tabuk
12 Title of Saif Ullah? Khalid Ibn-al-Walid
13 Shimla conference ended in which year? 1945
14 One unit was abolished in which year? 1970
15. Which country left EU on March 2020? Ans. None of these (UK)
16. Kitab ul Umm is written by Whom? Shafi
17. In the Christ church incident how many Pakistanis martyred? 9 pak
18. Who is the current Secretary-General of  OIC?  Yousef Al Othaimeen
19. Worth of IMF loan? 6 Billion US Dollars
20. Book of Zoroastrianism? Avista
21. Sahih Bukhari is written by? Imam Bukhari.
22. Kamyab jawan program total amount allocated? 100 Billion
23. Un declared 2020 as? International year of plant health
24. Who replaced Asif Saeed Khosa? Justice Gulzar
25. Mali declared the most dangerous country by? Peacekeeping Mission
26. Simla Deputation lead by? Sir Agha khan
28. Female longest spaceflight? Christina
29. Ayyudhia dispute temple? Ram Janam Bhoomi
30. Who is the Current PM of the UK? Boris Johnson
31. Which country is the world Largest Arms Importer? Saudi Arabia
32. US warned PIA over the issue of ?

If you remember questions MCQs in mind of today AD NAB paper Batch 1 please share below in the comments.


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