Election Officer today paper 7th March 2021

Election Officer ECP today solved paper held on 7th March 2021 10:00 am. Download today ECP past paper of EO in Election Commission of Pakistan 2021 morning paper Every Day Science, English, Pakistan Affairs, Islamiat and 1973 Constitution of the Islamic republic of Pakistan Election Act  along with answer key.

 Election Officer solved paper 2021

  1. Which of the following is the way to reduce the traffic noise on the highway ? (A) Constructing Vertical Barriers (B) Increase the Speed of the Vehicle (C) Using Old Engine Vehicles (D) Horning in unnecessary time Ans. Constructing Vertical Barriers
  2. Fats and oils are triglycerides the major constituents of   ? (A) Triglycerides , Phospholipids  and Sterols
  3. National Standards for Drinking Water Quality of Pakistan states that water should be less than 0.01 mg/L whereas WHO standard is 3  ? (A) Pak (B) WHO (C) Both (D) Both Values are wrong
  4. The force which is caused by the rotation of the earth acts perpendicular direction and therefore will change the direction of the wind is called? (A) Coriolis Force (B) Radiative Force (C) Cyclone (D) Gravitation Force  (A) Coriolis Force
  5. Water Soluble source vitamins are not stored in the body. Any unused vitamin passed out of the body through urine ? Which of the following is not a fat ? (A) Vitamin D  (B) Vitamin K (C) Vitamin C (D) Vitamin A Ans Vitamin C
  6. Mangrove swapms serve all of the following function except ? Salt Mining
  7. He does nothing ______ plays . But
  8. Organelle is known as the power house of the Ans (A) Mitochondria (B) Cell Wall (B)
  9. The Election Commission Shall also frame a code of conduct for ?(B) Ans Media and Election Observers.
  10. Article 63(2) of the constitution of Pakistan deals with? Ans. None of these because it deals with disqualification of the candidate (A) Pre Election (B) During Election (C) Post-Election (D) None of these
  11. Since he is a teacher of English, we could not expect him to be guilty of ? Solecism 
  12. Clouds are made of water droplets are icy-crystals having what size of  ? (B) 1-100 um smaller than aersols
  13. In sports black athletes are often insulted by racist colleagues and ? Spectators
  14. Medieval India under Mohammedan Rule, AD 712-1764 was written by ? Stanley Lane Poole
  15. A hundred Rupees _______ all he wants ?Ans is (A) was (B) were (C) is (D) are
  16. This is one of the most important .......? inventions of this century
  17. Fatimid Caliph was established in ? Egypt
  18. The Ridda Wars were fought by which caliph? 1st Caliph
  19. The life of an ________ undercover detective ? an
  20. Area around the river is known as ? Bar
  21. My dog went _______ the milk shop. (A) OFF (B) AT
  22. A perfectionist is some one who feels _______ when he makes even the most minuscule of errors? Vexation
  23. I  (finish) my work before sunset? Change the verb in (A) Shall have finished (B) Am Finished (C) Will have finish (D) Will be finishing
  24. Emperor Zaheer u din Babar was born in ? Andijan Uzbekistan
  25. In Europe right wing parties are successful in their aim because there are too many foreigners in the Country? (A) Annoy (B) Scare (C) Alert (D) Shock
  26. High Blood Pressure and Heart Attack are the number one cause (A) Normally (B) All over (C) Globally (D) Specifically
  27. When the Objective Resolution was adopted ? 12th March 1949
  28. Return of Election Expenses of the returned shall be submitted to the returning officer on (A) Form C (B) Form B (C) Form D (D) None of these
  29. Article 10A, right of fair trial was inserted through (A) 8th (B) 12th (C) 16th (D) None of these
  30. In developed countries the two most deadly sources of indoor pollution are ? Radon and Smoke of the Cigarette
  31. Syed Ahmed Shaheed was martyred in ? (A) 1811 (B) 1821 (C) 1831 (D) 1841
  32. The idea of SAARC was initiated by whom? By the President of Bangladesh General Zia Ur Rehman
  33. They could see the laborers pointing at the hill .
  34. Coffee grows as a green leaved tree or bush with  ______ white flowers? Blossoming
  35. When the 1973 constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan approved? None of these actually it approved on 19th April 1973
  36. World Environment Day is celebrated each year on ? 5th June
  37. Iron Curtain was coined by ? Winston Churchill
  38. A person who hates learning and knowledge is ? Misologist
  39. Audi Alteram partem is a rule of ? Natural Justice
  40. Curb mean ? Restriction
  41. A large dark cloud that brings rain or snow is ? Nimbus

Election Officer today Paper 7th March 2021

 Election Officer Paper  2021


Election Officer Past Paper ECP 2021

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