AD ASF FPSC today solved paper Batch 1 held on 30th April 2023 10:00 am. Download today FPSC past paper of Assistant Director in Air Port Security Force 2023 morning paper along with answer key.

 Assistant Director ASF solved paper Batch 1

  1. Who is the current Director General of Airport Security Force? Ans Major General Adnan Asif Shah 
  2. On which date Russian Invasion of Ukraine ? 24th February 2022
  3. Which article of the Constitution 1973 of the Pakistan ensures fair trial due process ? Article  10A
  4. What is meant by Dour ? Relentlessly , Severe , Stern
  5.   3√5×√5=  Ans 5
  6. SCO Summit 2022 Held in which country? Uzbekistan 
  7. SAARC Secretary General is appointed for the the period of ? 3 years
  8. Foreign Minister of Pakistan? Bilawal Bhutto Zardari
  9. US Withdrawn its forces from Afghanistan inwhich Year? 2022
  10. Dina Boluarte is the president of which country? Peru
  11. Sri Lanka won Asia cup 2022 defeating which country in the final match? Pakistan
  12. How many teams participated in the FIFA world cup 2022? 32
  13. Which international organization celebrates its 77th birthday on 2022? United Nations
  14. Climate conference held in which country? Egypt
  15. Term of Chinese President Xi to lead its party? 3rd Term
  16. Who is the current Chief Minister of Indian Punjab? Bhagwant Mann
  17. Hockey world cup held on which date? 13th to 29th January 2023
  18. Pakistan got exit from FATF Grey List year? 21st October 2022
  19. Rank of Pakistan in Transparency International on Corruption Perceptions Index? 140
  20. Who is the current Crown prince of Saudi Arabia? Muhammad Bin Salaman Alsaud
  21. The incumbent UN general secretary started its term on date? 1st January 2017
  22. Book: "The Battle for Pakistan: The Bitter US Friendship and a Tough Neighbourhood" Was written by? Shuja Nawaz 
  23. Qamar e bani Hashim was the title of  ? Al-Abbas
  24. Who conquered the fort of Qumus? Hazrat Ali (R.A)
  25. Hazrat Ali martyred in  which Hijri Years ? 40AH.
  26. Imam-e-Dar-ul-hijrat was the title of ? Imam Malik
  27. Separate electorate accepted by British for Muslim when? 1909 Minto Morley Reforms 
  28. Nelson Mandela got Nishan-e-Pakistan in which year ? 1992
  29. Who was the first female judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan ? Ayesha Malik
  30. Who is the current Prime Minister of Nepal ? Pushpa Kamal Dahal

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