General Science and Ability Books by Mian Shafiq for CSS Competitive Exam is one of the good book which can help you in preparation of this subject previously known as Every Day Science . Syllabus of this subject was revised in 2016. While looking at the needs of Competitive exams aspirants books publisher published latest editions of this subject. . You will find thousand of Books in the market and every one claiming that their book is perfect but some of the books which are authentic and covers all the FPSC syllabus of the General Science and Ability Paper . GSA is the compulsory subject in CSS examination and part of General Knowledge Paper .

We have already shared syllabus of Every Day Science with you people along with recommended books . Here is the summary of the syllabus of General Science and Ability you will need to cover for preparation of this subject :

1. Physical Sciences

2. Biological Science

3. Environmental Sciences

4. Food Science

5. Information Technology

Part 2 is General Ability and this section contain 40 Marks . This section is divided into three more Chapters .

1. Quantitative Ability and Reasoning

2. Logical Reasoning and Analytical reasoning Ability

3. Mental Abilities.

FPSC has recommended international and national readings for general science and ability oaper. So we will need a book which covers all the above mentioned syllabus in a single book . Some the authors and books publishers has published books which cover all the topics of General Science and Ability .

Past Paper of General Science and Ability Paper 2018

Past papers play a major role in understanding the syllabus of any subject. After going through the General Science and Ability CSS 2018 Paper you will be in better position in selection of best book for Every Day Science. At least go through the last 5 years past papers of general science and ability for better understanding of the subject . Check the past paper (Click Here)

Best Book for General Science and Ability Preparation by Dr. Muhammad Akram Kashmiri or Mian Shafique

If you are looking for best books for the preparation of General Science and Ability there are two authors who are getting the attentions of CSS and PMS aspirants one is Akram Kashmiri and other one Is Mian Shafique. Some people are suggesting Akram Kashmir book and other are suggesting Mian Shafique Book due to different reasons . Some people say that Akram Kashmiri book is too short and don't cover all topics .. Mentors and teachers have recommend EDS book by Mian Sahfique . This book is recommended by all the Mentors, Teachers and top academies of the Lahore for General Science and Ability

How to Download General Science and Ability Book by Mian Shafique

You can not download Every Day Science book by Mian Sahfiq, Although you can buy  PDF  book by Mian Shafique from the given below.

General Science and Ability Book for CSS by Mian Shafique

You can fee download EDS book by Mian Shafique but for the latest edition you need to buy it from the Book Markets or Buy Online .This book also covers the basic Arithmetic, Analytical reasoning , Probability and other important sections of GSA after the revision of CSS syllabus in 2016.

Latest Edition of General Science and Ability Book by Mian Shafique

Although you can download free of cost General Science and Ability Book by Mian Shafique from available online sources . But it is my suggestion always buy latest edition of all the books which you want to consult for your preparation. Another important thing is that this Book of general Science and ability also covers Multiple Choice Questions MCQs portion and contains MCQs of EDS at the end of each chapter . You can buy online updated latest edition of GSA Book by Mian Shafiq from the below given link or visit any store in your town to get this book and this book will be delivered within 4 to 5 days depends on your location.


Buy Online General Science and Ability Book by Mian Shafique (Click Here)



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