General Science and Ability is the compulsory subject of each competitive exam . FPSC syllabus General Science and Ability previously known as Every Day Science Only is the compulsory papers out of three General Knowledge Papers. Federal Public Service Commission has revised the syllabus of CSS in 2016 so the Every Day Science was renamed with General Science and Ability with addition of basic Arithmetic and Analytical Reasoning and Probability in the General Knowledge Paper 1. Every Day Science paper is of total 100 Marks . 20 Marks are set for MCQs and 80 Marks paper is the Subjective Paper.

CSS Syllabus for the General Science and Ability

FPSC has recommended the following syllabus for General Science and Ability/Every Day Science. General Science and Ability Course Syllabus is divided into following two sections section .

Part 1 is General Science which has further 5 Chapters to Study . This section carries 60 Marks paper including 20 Marks MCQs

1. Physical Sciences

2. Biological Science

3. Environmental Sciences

4. Food Science

5. Information Technology

Part 2 is General Ability and this section contain 40 Marks . This section is divided into three more Chapters .

1. Quantitative Ability and Reasoning

2. Logical Reasoning and Analytical reasoning Ability

3. Mental Abilities.

There will be total 8 Questions in the General Science and Ability Paper, 4 questions from each Section 1 and Section 2 . Candidate need to choose 2 questions from each section and this is theoretical part and it carries 80 Marks and 20 marks set for Multiple Choice Question MCQs.

Study Plan for General Science and Ability / Every Day Science Paper

It is very difficult for each candidate to go through all the topics as mentioned in the Syllabus. First of all go through the above chapters and choose those chapters which you have studied during your graduation or in Intermediate . After selection go through each chapter which you have selected for study . Remember past papers of General Science and Ability will give you more help in selection of the topics for preparation of your CSS General Science and Ability Exam . If you look above Section 1 looks easy but it will be useless to prepare all the chapters in Section 1 and it will be time consuming and if you go through all chapter of section there are chances you might miss the Part 2 because it is compulsory for all the candidates to choose 2 questions from Part 2 . Apply the same strategy here too which you applied in Part 1 preparation and this section is difficult as compared to Part 1 so you should choose those chapter on which you have grip . Now the question is on how much time to be given for study EDS/GSA . 45 minutes on daily basis are enough because this subject contain almost all the topics which the students have studies in 9th, 10th , 11th and 12th Classes . 30 minutes are for reading/writing practice for new topics and 15 minutes for the revision on daily basis. 6 to 9 months are enough to get full grip on this paper .

Suggested Books for General Science and Ability Paper by FPSC

Following are the suggested books for General Science and Ability by the Federal Public Service Commission .

S.No Title Author

Asimov's New Guide to Science 1993 Isaac Asimov
2 2. Science Restated: Physics and Chemistry for
the Non-Scientist 1970
Harold Gomes Cassidy
3 Exploring Life Science 1975 Walter A. Thurber, Robert
E. Kilburn, Peter S. Howell
4 Eminent Muslim Scientists 1991 S. Fakhre Alam Naqvi
5 Principles of Animal Biology 2011 Lancelot Hogben
6 Fundamentals of Forensic Science 2010 Max M. Houck, Jay A.

7 Forensic Science Fundamentals &
Investigation 2008
Anthony J. Bertino
8 Introduction to Information Technology 2005 I. T. L. Education SolutionsLimited, Itl.
9 Fundamentals of Telecommunications 2005 Roger L. Freeman
10 Food Science 1998 Norman N. Potter, Joseph H. Hotchkiss
11 Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions. 5th ed. 2013 Michael L. McKinney,
Robert Schoch and Logan
12 Physical Geography-Science and Systems of
the Human Environment 2009
Alan H. Strahler, Arthur N.
13 The Impact of Science on Society 2005 Isaac Asimov, A. S. a. N. A. S. a.

 Books for Logical Reasoning

1 Logical Reasoning Rob P. Nederpelt, Farouz
D. Kamareddine
2 Elements of Logical Reasoning Jan Von Plato
3 Reasoning Builder for Admission and
Standardized Test
Staff of Research
4 Test of Reasoning Thorpe
5 Mental Ability Dr. Lal & Jain
6 The Brain Book: Know Your Own Mind and
How to Use it
Edgar Thorpe


Books Suggested by Seniors for the Preparation of General Science and Ability ( Every Day Science ) Paper for CSS Exam

 Best book for the preparation of General Science and Ability CSS Paper seniors have recommended is the book by Professor Muhammad Akram Kashmiri . After the revision of syllabus in 2016 for CSS exam a new edition of book was published by the author which also includes General Science including Logical reasoning Section . This book also contain MCQs section at the end of each chapter . I will also recommend this book for the preparation of General Science and Ability Paper . Another book mentors are recommending for Every Day Science preparation is General Science and Ability Book by Mian Shafiq by World Times Publication , i have gone through the content of this book the vocabulary used in this book is quite difficult . You can download General Science and Ability book by Mian Shafiq in pdf .



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