International Relations Paper 1 CSS 2021 Federal Public Service Commission held on 21st February 2021 . Download today FPSC IR Paper 1 CSS 2021 today Past paper . Here is the paper :

IR Paper 1 CSS 2021

  1. Define International Relations . Discuss its changing evolving scope?
  2. Comparatively discuss Modernist IR Theories (Realism and Liberalism) with post modernist IR Theories (Feminism and Constructivsim)
  3. Explain the concept of "Comprehensive Security' differentiating it from the traditional concept of 'Power'. Is it an appropriate concept for developing and poor countries?
  4. Identify and analytically explain the various conflict resolution methods?
  5. What is the role of economy in state behaviour? How does it influence definition of National interest an dhow is used as a tool of achieving foreign policy goals? Discuss with examples?
  6. Identify the different types of non-State actors in International Relations and their impact on the International System .
  7. Identify and discuss determinants of Pakistan' Foreign Policy?

If you remember mcqs of International Relations Paper I please share below in comments.

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