This is one of the important discussion of the aspirants of CSS , PMS and PCS which are high scoring optional subjects this year. Trend of high scoring subjects is changing year to year. Some groups in optional subjects lists were very popular . In this article we are going to discuss and compare high scoring subjects from the year beyond 2018. If we go before 2018 Psychology and Islamic History Period 1 and 2 were the major subject of most of the CSS Candidates. But from last four year trend of high scoring subjects changed. 

We will discuss the DMC's of toppers of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 which will give us clear idea about choosing optional subject and help us in subject selection of optional subject for upcoming CSS Exam. 

Optional Subjects of CSS Topper 2018 Shanza Faiq 

Shanza Faiq is the topper of CSS 2018 . Check her DMC here . Her optional subjects were Political Science of 200 Marks , Governance and Public Policies, Gender Studies, Constitutional Law and Gender Studies. Gender Studies was the favorite subject of every CSS Aspirant but she obtained 55 marks instead of being the topper of CSS 2018 . She got more marks just like in Sociology : 70 Marks and 146 marks in combination of paper 1 and 2 of Political Science.  

Optional Subjects of CSS Topper 2019  Rana Haider Tahir 

Rana Haider Tahir is  the topper of CSS 2019. Check his DMC here.  His optional subjects were Political Science, History of USA, Gender Studies, Criminology , Journalism and Mass Communication. Gender studies was also favorite optional subject of most of the aspirants because of the past trend of this subject but still CSS topper achieved nothing in this subject . He only got 45 marks in this high scoring subject. 

Optional Subjects of CSS Topper 2020  Maheen Hassan

Maheen Hassan is the topper of CSS 2020. Check her DMC here. His optional subjects were Accountancy and Auditing, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Business Administration and Mercantile Law . We have noticed one thing after going through past experience of gender studies has been dropped by the CSS topper tow new subject came Accountancy and Auditing and Business Administration. 

Optional Subjects of CSS Topper 2021 Hafiz Ali Naeem Sheikh

 Hafiz Ali Naeem Sheikh is the topper of CSS 2021. Check his DMC here . His optional subject were International Relations, Business Administration, History of USA, Philosophy and Punjabi. He opted International Relations and Business Administration and History of USA which are still favorite subjects of CSS now-a-days. 

While going through history it has been noticed that most of the new candidates follow toppers of CSS and opt the same subject as toppers had opted. Will this strategy work ? I think no . If we go through last years toppers three of them are LUMS graduates and all of them have strong knowledge in Business administration & Accountancy and Auditing and they can perform well in both these subject. Gender studies remain high scoring subject till 2018 but it is no more favorite of the CSS Candidates.

Criminology, Political Science, International Relations, History of USA , European History , Accountancy and Auditing and Business Administration now-a-days are high scoring subjects . Main reason of high scoring subject suddenly becomes low scoring subject is that as the more candidates start opting this subject , FPSC and paper setter keeping eyes on this subject try to increase difficulty level in the said subject. 

Rizwan Khan
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