Current Affairs Multiple Choice Questions MCQs on ICC Champions Trophy 2017 .  Sports especially cricket , football, hockey , tennis related questions may be asked in CSS and other competitive examination. This MCQs set of current affairs will help you in preparation of   Federal Public Service Comission MCQs Test , National Testing Service (NTS) Exams  especially for Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau, OG-2 Officers announced by State Bank of Pakistan , BPSC exams of Assistant Director Local Government , Assistant S&GAD Department , Government of Balochistan . 

1. Total Teams participated in ICC champion Trophy 2017 were 


(B) 6

(C) 7 

(D) 8

2. ICC Champion Trophy 2017 played in which country ?

(A) New Zealand

(B) Australia 

(C) United Kingdom 

(D) Scotland

3.  England , Bangladesh , Australia and __________ team were placed in Group A.

(A)  South Africa

(B) India

(C) Sri Lanka

(D)  New Zealand

4. Total Matches played in Champions Trophy were ?

(A) 10

(B) 11

(C) 13

(D) 15

5.  Most runs made in ICC Champion Trophy 2017 Series were made by a single player were 338 . These scores were made by which player ?

(A) Tamim Iqbal 

(B) Rohit Sharma 

(C) Hashim Amla 

(D) Shikhar Dhawan 

6. Player of the Series of Champions Trophy 2017 was .

(A) Hassan Ali 

(B) Shikhar Dhawan 

(C) Kane WilliamSon

(D) None of these 

7.  First Semi Final in Champion Trophy 2017 was played between England and ________.

(A) Bangladesh

(B)  Pakistan

(C) India

(D) New Zealand

8. 2nd Semi Final in Champion Trophy played between India and ___________.

(A) South Africa

(B) Sri Lanka

(C) Bangladesh

(D) None of These .

9. England  gave how much target in First Semi Final against Pakistan in Champions Trophy 2017 Final ?

(A) 209

(B) 210

(C) 211

(D) 212

10. In response of England 211 runs , Pakistan made how much score  in first semi Final in ICC Champions Trophy.

(A)  210

(B) 215

(C) 216 

(D) 218

11. In Final of ICC champions Trophy Final Pakistani Team gave target of ____________ on loss of 4 wickets in 50 Overs.

(A) 325

(B) 330

(C) 332

(D) 338

(E) None of These

12. Muhammad Aamir was the highest wicket taker on Pakistani side in Champions Trophy Final  . He taken how much wickets in his 6 overs spell against India?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4 

(D) None of These 

13. Which Pakistan player scored his first century in his ODI career in ICC champions trophy final against India?

(A) Fakhar Zaman

(B) Azhar Ali

(C) Mohammad Hafeez

(D) None of These

14. In response to Pakistan's 338 scores in ICC champions Trophy Final India Team made how much score ?

(A) 150

(B) 148

(C) 158

(D) 168

15. Final Match of Champion Trophy played in which city of England?

(A) The Oval, London

(B) Edgbaston, Birmingham 

(C) Sophia Garden, Cardiff

(D) None of These


Answers to MCQs of Current Affairs Set 2 


1. D

2. C

3. D

4. D

5. D

6. A


8. C

9. C

10. B

11. D

12. B

13. A

14. C

15. A





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