Who is  the Winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2018?

(A) Frances H Arnold
(B) George P Smith
(C) Gregory P Winter
(D) All of the Above.

D is the Right Answer

Nobel Prize 2018 Chemistry

Nobel Prize in Chemistry is awarded to three scientists in 2018 this year. Name of the winners are below:-

  • Frances H Arnold
  • George P Smith
  • Gregory P Winter

Nobel Prize in Chemistry is annually awarded by Royal Swedish Academy of Science to Scientist. Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to a Woman for the Fifth Time in history . Dr Frances H Arnold is a 62 years American Professor of Chemical Engineering. Total Prize money for the Noble Prize Winners is set to 9 Million ($1.01 Million) Swedish Kronor. One half will be awarded to Frances H Arnold and other half will get both George P Smit and Gregory P Winter. They have been awarded for pioneering work on Proteins.


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