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1. Total Area of Pakistan is _____?
(A) 796,095
(B) 795,096
(C) 895,097
(D) None of the Above.

2.  With respect to Area which is the largest province of Pakistan?
(A)  Punjab
(B)  Sindh
(C)  Khyber pakhtoonkhawa
(D)  None of the above.

3. Largest Province of Pakistan according to population is ______?
(A) Sindh
(B) Punjab
(D) Balochistan

4. Total Area of Punjab is ______?.
(A) 204,344 KM2
(B) 205,344 KM2
(C) 206,344 KM2
(D) None of the Above.

5. Total Area of Sindh is _______?
(A) 138,914 KM2
(B) 139,914 KM2
(C) 140,914 KM2
(D) None of the Above.

6. Total Area of Balochistan is _____?
(A) 340,190 KM
(B) 345,190 KM
(C) 347,190 KM
(D) All of the above.

7. Total Area of Gilgit Baltistan is ______?
(A) 71,971
(B) 72,971
(C) 73971
(D) None of the Above.

8. Total Area of Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa  is ______.
(A) 74,521
(B) 75,521
(C) 76,521
(D) None of the Above

9. Who is the Chief Minister of Punjab ?
(A) Pervaiz Elahi
(B) Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif
(C) Hassan Askari
(D) None of the Above.

10. Who is the present Chief Minister of Balochistan?
(A) Dr Abdul Malik Baloch
(B) Sardar Sana Ullah Zehri
(C) Jam Kamal
(D) None of the Above.

11. Who is the present Chief Minister of Sindh?
(A) Syed Qaim Ali Shah
(B) Fazal Ur Rehman
(C) Syed Murad Ali Shah
(D) None of the Above

12.  Who is the present Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa?
(A)  Parvez Khattak
(B)  Ameeer Haider Khan Hoti
(C)  Mehmood Khan
(D)  None of the Above

13. Who is the Chief Minister of Gilgit Baltistan?
(A) Syed Mehdi Shah
(B) Hafiz Hafeez-ur-Rehman
(C) Pir Karam Ali Shah
(D) Chaudary Muhammad Birjees Tahir

14. Who is the Current  President of Azad Jammu Kashmir?.
(A) Hafiz Hafiz Ur Rehman
(B) Mehdi Shah
(C) Raja Muhammad Farooq
(D) Sardar Masood Khan

15. Who is the current Prime Minister of Azad Jammu Kashmir?
(A) Chaudary Abdul Majeed
(B) Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan
(C) Raja Farooq Haider
(D) Sardar Sikander Hayat Khan

16. Who is the Present Chief Secretary of Punjab ?
(A) Zahid Syed
(B) Akbar Hussain Durrani
(C) Saif Ullah Chattah
(D) None of the Above.

17. Who is the Present Chief Secretary of Balochistan?
(A) Dr Akhtar Nazir
(B) Auranzaib Haq
(C) Saif Ullah Chattah
(D) None of the Above.

18. Who is the present Chief Secretary of Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa?
(A) Mr. Muhammad Hamayun Khan
(B) Mr. Ali Raza Bhutta
(C) Mr. Naveed Kamran Baloch
(D) None of the Above

19. Who is the Chief Secretary of Gilgit Baltistan ?
(A) Dr. Kazim Nizam
(B) Sikander Sultan Raja
(C) Hafeez Khan
(D) None of the Above.

20. Who is Chief Secretary of Sindh?
(A) Rizwan Memon
(B) Siddique Memon
(C) Maj (R) Azam Suleman Khan
(D) None of the Above.

21. Which city of Pakistan is known as Paris of Asia ?
(A) Karachi 
(B) Lahore
(C) Islamabad
(D) Quetta

22.  Which city of Pakistan is known as the City of Gardens?
(A)  Lahore
(B)  Karachi
(C)  Islamabad
(D)  None of the above.

23. National Flower of Pakistan is ______?
(A) Rose
(B) Jasmine
(C) Sun Flower
(D) All of the Above.

24. National Animal of Pakistan is ______?.
(A) Cat
(B) Tiger
(C) Goat
(D) Markhor

25. National Poet of Pakistan is ____?
(A) Ghalib
(B) Hafeez Jalhhandri
(C) Mir Taqi Mir
(D) Allama Iqbal

26. National Fruit of Pakistan in Summer is _____?
(A) Mango
(B) Banana
(C) Cherry
(D) Apple

27. National Fruit of Pakistan in Winter  is ______?
(A) Orange
(B) Banana
(C) Guava
(D) Strawberry

28. National Sports of Pakistan is ______.
(A) Hoceky
(B) Volley Ball
(C) Cricket
(D) Kabadi

29. National Flag of Pakistan was designed by______ ?
(A) Amir udin Kidwai
(B) Hafeez Jalandhri
(C) Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chaghla
(D) None of the Above.

30. The Dark Green Field in the flag of Pakistan represents?
(A) Minority
(B) Muslim Majority
(C) Both Muslims and Minorities
(D) None of the Above.

31. The white strip in the flag of Pakistan represents?
(A) Minorities
(B) Muslim Majority
(C) Both A&B
(D) None of the Above.

32.  The crescent in the Pakistani Flag represents ?
(A)  happiness
(B)  development
(C)  progress
(D)  None of the above.

33. The star in the Pakistani flag represents?
(A) promoting education
(B) light and knowledge
(C) Both  A&B
(D) None of the above.

34. National Anthem of Pakistan was officially adopted in ______?.
(A) 1947
(B) 1948
(C) 1954
(D) None of the Above.

35. Lyrics of the National Anthem of Pakistan was written by ____?
(A) Hafeez Jullundhari
(B) Ahmed G. Chaghla
(C) Jagan Nath Azad
(D) None of the Above.

36. Music of the National Anthem of Pakistan was composed by_____?
(A) Jagan Nath Azad
(B) Hafeez Jullundhari
(C) Ahmed G.Ghaghla
(D) All of the above.

37. National Mammal of Pakistan is ______?
(A) Indus River Dolphin
(B) Arabian Sea Dolphin
(C) Arabia Sea Shark
(D) All of the Above.

38. Total Districts of Punjab Province are  ______.
(A) 30
(B) 35
(C) 36
(D) None of the Above

39. Total Districts of KPK Province are ________ .
(A) 25
(B) 26
(C) 27
(D) 28.

40. Total Districts of Sindh Province are______.
(A) 26
(B) 27
(C) 28
(D) 29.

41. Total Districts of Balochistan Province are?
(A) 30
(B) 32
(C) 34
(D) None of the Above.

42.  World Second Highest Peak K-2 total length in Meter is ____?
(A)  8600 Meters
(B)  8610 Meters
(C)  8611 Meters
(D)  None of the Above

43. K2 Second Highest Peak in the World also known as ______?
(A) Qogir Feng
(B) Mount Godwin Austen
(C) Dapsang or Chogori
(D) All of the above.

44. World's 2nd Highest Peak is situated in which country?.
(A) Nepal
(B) Sri Lanka
(C) Pakistan
(D) None of the above

45. Who was the first Prime Minister of Pakistan?
(A) Liaqat Ali Khan
(B) Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(C) Ayub Khan
(D) None of the above.

46.  Who was the first speaker of Constituent Assembly of Pakistan?
(A) Abdul Wahab Khan
(B) Mouvi Tamiz uddin 
(C) Fazal Chaudary
(D) Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

47. Who was the first Governor General of Pakistan?
(A) Tamiz uddin Khan
(B) Abdul Jabbar Khan
(C) Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(D) None of the Above.

48. Who was the first President of Pakistan?
(A) Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(B) Iskander Mirza
(C) Ayub Khan
(D) None of the Above

49. The length of the Durand Line is ______ ?
(A) 2400 Km
(B) 2430 Km
(C) 2450 Km
(D) None of the Above.

50. Border Between Pakistan and Afghanistan is known as _____?
(A) Durand Line 
(B) Pak-Afghan Border
(C) Line 32
(D) None of the Above.


Answers to General Knowledge about Pakistan MCQs 

1. A
2. D
3. B
4. B
5. C
6. C
7. B
8. A
9. C
11. C
12. C
13. B
14. D
15. C
16. B
17. A
18. C
19. A
20. C
21. A
22. A
23. B
24. D
25. D
26. A
27. C
28. A
29. A
30. B
31. A
32. C
33. B
34. C
35. A
36. C
37. A
38. C
39. B
40. D
41. C
42. C
43. D
44. C
45. A
46. D
47. C
48. B
49. B
50. A

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