Zarai Taraqiate Bank has announced 350 Positions of Officer Grade 3 in ZTBL in October 2018 . Syllabus of the ZTBL also announced by the OTS. Candidates who had applied on the above mentioned posts are asking for the sample Paper of the test .

 Office Grade -III OG- 3 in ZTBL Sample Paper

Check below the sample paper of OTS for the Post of OG-III ZTBL which will help you in preparation of the test

1. He has great affection ----------- his grand children?
(a) to (b) after
(c) for (d) with
2. In the following question choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word:

(a) Lean (b) Gaunt
(c) Emaciated (d) Obese
3. Which Surah starts without Bismillah?
(a) Al-Baqara (b) Al-Nisa
(c) Al-Toba (d) Al-Ikhlas
4. Allama Muhammad Iqbal delivered his famous Allahabad Address in?
(a) 1929 (b) 1930
(c) 1931 (d) 1932
5. The capital city of Gilgit Baltistan is:
(a)Chilas (b) Gilgit
(c)Nagar (d) Ghanchay
6. The United Nations was found on:
(a)March 24, 1945 (b) Oct 24, 1945
(c)March 24, 1950 (d) Oct 24, 1950
7. If 2x + 2x + 2x = 12 then what is the value of x in 2x - 1 = 3?
(a) 1 (b) 2
(c) 3 (d) 4
8. A gardener brought 5 rabbits, after 2 months rabbits became 10, and after 4 months they became 20. If the growth continues on the same ratio, what would be the amount of rabbits after 1 year?
(a) 300 (b) 435
(c) 535 (d) 635
9. As you go down into a well, your weight:
(a) Increases slightly (b) Decreases slightly
(c) Remains exactly the same (d) None of the above
10. A married couple adopted a male child. A few years later, twin boys were born to them. The blood group of the couple is AB positive and O negative. The blood group of the three sons is A positive, B positive, and O positive. The blood group of the adopted son is:
(a) A Positive (b) O Positive
(c) B Positive (d) Cannot be determined on the basis of the given data
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