Inspector ASF FPSC today solved paper held on 3rd January 2020 02:00 Pm Batch 3. Download today FPSC past paper of Inspector in ASF Air Port Security Force Department 03-01-2020 Evening paper along with answer key.

1. Who succeeded Nelson Mandela? Ans Thabi Mbeki
2. Ottoman empire was divided through?  Treaty of Serves.
3. Which city was the capital of Ottoman empire ?  Istanbul
4. Which US president won Nobel prize for environment? Al Gore
5. Che Guevara was killed in which city? Bolvia
6. Surah e NAHL means?  Honey bee.
7. Distance of cave Hira from Makkah?
8. 1/4 of a number subtracted from 1/3 of the same number gives 12. The number is ? 144
9. Axis powers in WW1.
10 .A, B, C and D are four consecutive odd numbers and their average is 42. What is the product of B and D?
11. Prime Minister Imran khan was born in which year? 1952
12. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan  was born in which year ? 1817
13. Viceroy of India during Quit India was ? Lord Linlithgow
14. Hazrat Hamza was martyred in battle of which Ghazwa ? uhd
15. In Battle of Yamama how many Hafaz were martyred? 70
16. Who was the second caliph?  Hazrat Umer (R.A)
17. Hazrat abubakr was merchant of ? Cloth
18. Who is the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh?  Haseena Wajid
19. Kathmandu is capital of of which Country ? Nepal
20. Martin Luther, leader of blacks was from which Country ? USA
22. American black leader after accepting Islam and after doing Hajj was assassinated? Malcolm x.
23. Pakistan left SEATO in which year?  1973
24. Iran invaded by Iraq in which year? 1980
25. In late 60s civil aviation industry endured worldwide shocks of violence.
26. No suit , prosecutor other legal proceeding shal lie against any person for anything which is in good faith done or intended to be done, under this act rules and regulations.
27. Which country resigned from Paris climate accord? USA
28. Coordinating conjunction (But).
29. How many airports, when PCCA started working? 7 airports 
30. 8th amendment in the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan ? 1985
31. 1973 constitution proclaimed in? 10 April 1973
32. Which Pakistan political science philosopher was Chief minister of Punjab for two years?
33. Pakistan's position in literacy rate according to world bank?
34. This cat is hungry?  Hungry is adjective.
35. Complex sentence (because)
36. Pakistan national anthem... None of these
37. A B C D four consecutive odd numbers answer was?  1845
The number which when added to 1000 is greater than the number which when multiplied by thousand. ( answer was 1)
I have brought you a jacket ________it is cold outside. (because)

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