Appraising Valuation Officer FPSC today solved paper Batch 1 held on 29th August  2021 02:00 Pm. Download today FPSC past paper of Appraiser in Federal Board of Revenue FBR Pakistan Customs 2021 morning paper 02:00 Pm along with answer key.

  1. Gulzar Ahmed is the _______ Chief Justice of Pakistan ? Ans. 27th 
  2. Who left WHO in 2020 ? USA
  3. Pakistan refused to join Islamic summit 2020 due to pressure of  which Country? Turkey
  4. Who is the Current Managing Director of IMF ? Christina Georgieva
  5. Corruption index ? (A)  Increased  (B) Decreased (C) Remained same  (D) None of the Above
  6. Who is not the permanent member of United Nations Security Council ?  Germany
  7. In 18th amendment health services are under ?  Provincial government
  8. Roosevelt Hotel of Pakistan International Airlines has been closed which was closed due to loss is situated in  ?  Midtown Manhattan, New York 
  9. Contribution of Agriculture, Industrial sector, Services sector in GDP of Pakistan? 
  10. How much of electricity was produced in the period of 2013 to 2018?  12,230 MW 
  11. India provoked the Kashmir status in their Lok Sabha on which date?  5 August 2019 
  12. Which country banned Huawei 5g technology? 
  13. Which country does not have veto power in security council? Germany
  14. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres belong to which Country ? Portugal
  15. Prime Minister " Ehsas Scholarship Program  was for?  (A) Higher education (B) primary education (C) Technical education (D) None of the Above
  16. "Margin Gutter" is used for what purpose in Microsoft Word?
  17. Which key is used to show the next slide in Microsoft PowerPoint? Ans > Next arrow key

Appraising Valuation Officer today's FPSC past paper held on 29th August 2021

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