Punjab Public Service Commission has conducted test for the post of Assistant Director Local Government and Community Development . We are sharing MCQS questions from  past paper of AD Paper held on 21-10-2018 Morning Session.

PPSC Assistant Director Solved Paper held on 21st October 2018

Following questions were asked in paper below with answer keys .

1. SHO Stands For________ ? Ans Station House Officer .
2. What is the name of software program that high level source code written in high level language into a low level object code in machine language ? Ans Compiler
3. Karachi Nuclear Power Plant KANUPP-1 was built with the help of _____ ? Ans Canada
4. Sulfur is mainly found at _________ ? Ans Koh e Sultan
5. Frightened Means ? Afraid
6. Majlis-e-Shoora is a body made up of  ? Ans National Assembly and Senate
7. First Secretary of the Board of Trustee of Aligarh College was  ? Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
8. Who is considered as father of Pscyhoanalysis? Sigmund Freud
9. Delhi Darbar , King and Queen of British visit India , Partition of Bengal is annulled in ? 1911
10.Mother of the Hazrat Yousuf (A.S) was____?  Rachel
11. Name of the Current Inspector General , Prisons of Punjab? . Mirza Shahid Saleem Baig
12. Complete the Sentence: It started to rain while we ______ tennis ? were playing
13. Ho Chi Min City is the new name of ? Saigon
14. The bridge in Istanbul that connects Asia with Europe is known as ?  Bosphorus Bridge
15. Complete the Proverb. Price of _____ is eternal vigilance? Liberty

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Disclaimer : Above mentioned MCQs are taken collected from social media pages. We put our effort to solve the all the MCQs and make them error free for helping the Competitive exam aspirant . We don't responsibility for errors.

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