Today Punjab Public Service Commission has conducted test for the post of Excise and Taxation Inspector for DG Khan, Multan, Sahiwal, Sargodha, Bahawalur and Gujranwala  . We are sharing MCQS questions from today paper of PPSC Excise Inspector Paper held on 28-10-2018 Morning 10:00 Am

PPSC Excise Inspector Today Solved Paper held on 28th October 2018

Following questions were asked in today Excise Inspector paper below with answer keys .

1. Zurich city in situated in which Country ? Ans  Switzerland
2. Who was Care Taker Primer Minister of Pakistan in 2018? Justice (R) Nasir ul Mulk
3. Name of Sahabi mentioned in Surah Ahzab? Ans Hazrat  Zaid Bin Haris
4. Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) was the daughter of which Sahabi? Ans Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A)
5. Name of the Daughter of Hazrat Umar (R.A) who became the wife of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) ? Ans  Hazrat Hafsa (R.A)
6. Kissing of hajray aswad is known as ? Istelam
7. Tasman glacier is situated in which Country?  New Zealand
8.  Complete the Series 3,7,6,5,9,3,12,1,15,_? -1
9.  Percentage of Air in Nitrogen is ______?  78%
10. Which is the Largest Planet of the Solar System ? Jupiter
11. Urdu Hindi Controversy Occurred in Which Year? 1867
12. Census in 2017 held after how many year since last Census ? 19 Years
13. Choose the Correct Spellings from the Given Words? Ans Beggar
14. Deficiency of Iodine may results in ? Goiter
15. Choose the Correct Sentence ? He jumped while train was moving
16. Choose the Correct Sentence ?  Aslam wants to be doctor
17. Deleted items stored are stored in which part of Computer Program ? Recycle bin
18. Bios are saved in ____? ROM
19. Selecting from first line to end of line? Ans  Shift+end
20. Where did the First Constitution ratified  in Europe ? D. None of these Poland
21. Taxila is situated in which province ? Punjab
22. Who is the Author of  Khuda ki basti ? Shoukat Siddique
23. Study of Blood is known as ____? Hematology
24. Who is the Author of Chacha chakhan? Ans Imtiaz ali taj
25. Who is the Education Minister of Punjab? Dr. Murad Ras
26.  Who was the last Defence Minister of Pakistan in PML (N) Government? Khawja Asif
27. Study of Blood is known as? Hematology
28. Naseer Banda was a _____? Hockey Player
29. Poem Heart Attack is written By ? Faiz Ahmed Faiz
30. Which Color the Sun Has  = 7 Colors
31. Who is the Foreign Minister of Pakistan in 2018 ? Shah Mehmood Qureshi
32. Which Country is known as the cockpit in Europe ? Belgium
33. When did the Bangladesh Separated from Pakistan ? 1971
34. Insha nigari?
35. Das Kapital is Written By Whom? Karl Marx
36. Gotthard Base Tunnel longest railway tunnel in the World situated in which Country? Switzerland
37. AFP Largest News agency of the World belong to which Country? France
38. Name the Country with Largest Gas Reserves in the World ? Russia
39. Russia Invaded Afghanistan in Which Year? 1979
40. If your plan landed Heathrow Air Port then this city will be ? London
41. AIDS stands for What ? Ans Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
42. Partition of Bengal Annulled in which Year? 1911
43. First Nobel Prize was awarded in which year? 1901
44. UN Security Council has how many Permanent Members ? 5
45. Which Country is not the Part of G-7 ? Spain
46. Strait of Hormuz is a strait between? Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman
47. Who was the First Captain of Pakistani Women Cricket Team? Sana Mir
48. Bulb Filament is made of which Element ? Tungsten
49.Cabinet mission consists of how many members ?
50. National Anthem of Pakistan was officially adopted in which year? August 1954
51. Who wrote the Mili Naghma Jevay Jevay Pakistan ? Jamal-ud-din Aali
52. Napolean was defeated by Whom in Battle of Water Loo ? Duke of Wellington
53. In the First Revelation of the Holy Verse of Surah were cite   ? Al-Alaq
54. Masjid e Aqsa was built by whom?
55. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar in 1911 started publishing newspaper "Comrade" from which city  ? Calcutta
56. Who wrote the book republic? Plato
57. Northern and Southern Hemispheres are separated by ___ ? The plane of the equator
58. In September 2015 , the United Nations replaced Millennium Development Goads with  ? Sustainable Development Goals
59. Fill in the Blanks. Abdul ____ to be a doctor? wants
60. Name the capital of Umayyad Dynasty ? Damascus
61. Synonym of Desiccated ?  Dried

If you have other questions in mind please share below in comments and point out mistakes in above questions. Thanks

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PPSC Excise Inspector Paper 28th October 2018 Evening (Multan, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi Region)

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