Today Punjab Public Service Commission has conducted test for the post of Excise and Taxation Inspector for Multan, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi . We are sharing MCQS questions from today paper of PPSC Excise Inspector Paper held on 28-10-2018 Evening 02:00 pm

PPSC Excise Inspector Solved Paper held on 28th October 2018 Evening

Following questions were asked in today Excise Inspector paper below with answer keys .

1. Which Country is know as Cross Road of Central Asia ? Ans Afghanistan
2. Name the Old Private Airline of Pakistan? Hajvery Airline
3. Who invented Dynamite? Ans Alfred Nobel
4. Egypt is located inwhich Continent ? Ans Asia and Africa
5. Aatish Kada is written by ____ ? Ans Aftab Ahmed Siddiqui
6. Capital of Cuba is _____? Havana
7. Human's Right Day is celebrated on ? 10th December
8. Largest River of the World is ____?  Amazon
9. BRICS has how many countries? 5 Countries
10. Ibne Insha real name was  ? Sher Muhammad Khan
11. Number of Independent States of Africa? 54
12. Which is the most abundant element in the Atmosphere? Nitrogen
13. Subedar Abdul Khaliq was a ______? Ans Athlete
14. Godwin Austin is in which Country ? Pakistan
15. Khalida Zia Husband Name _____ ? Zia Ur Rehman
16. Al-Azhar University is situated in ? Cairo
17. Who were the former chairman of the Communist Party of China ? Mao Zedong
18. Sohni Mahiwal is written by whom ? Fazal Shah Sayyad
19. Munnu Bhai real name ? Muneer Ahmed Qureshi
20. Misaq e Madian was signed in  ? 1st Hijri
Tafle Maktab Tarkeeb means? Na Samejh
22. Abre Nesian means  ?   Toofani Badal

23. Sphygmomanometer is used to measure  ? Blood Pressure
24. Brain of the Computer is _____? Ans CPU
25. Which disease has been totally eradicated from Pakistan? Small Pox
26. Name of the son of Hazrat Safiya (R.A) ? Hazrat Zubair (R.A)
27. Shandur Pass is situated in which Province? Gilgit
28. Qila Bala Hisar is situated in ? Peshawer
29. Rickets disease is caused due to _____ ? Deficiency of Vitamin D
30. Asian Development Bank ADB Headquarter is situated in ___? Manila Philiphines
31. Mahabat Khan Mosque is situated in ____ ? Peshawer
32. Maqam-e-Ibrahmi ? Masjid Al Haram , Makka , Saudi Arabia
33. Who was the head of Boundary Commission? Cyril Radcliffe
34. Which is Star from the Given Options ?  Sun is a star
35. National Game of Pakistan is ? Hockey
36. Nuclear Test by Pakistan in which Year? 28th May 1998
37. Who is the Author of Jinnah of Pakistan? Stanley Wolpert
38. Which is not the Tributary of River Indus? Jamna
39. The property of a Substance which absorbs moisture from the air on exposure is called ? Deliquescent
40. Sindhai Headworks is on which River? Indus
41. Who is the founder of Hammas ? Ans Sheikh Ahmed Yasin
Khijista gaam? Meanings ? Mubarak Qadam
43. Lord Minto Governor General of India in which year? 1905
44. Contraband Synonym ? Smuggled

If you have other questions in mind please share below in comments and point out mistakes in above questions. Thanks

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PPSC Excise Inspector Paper Morning 28th October 2018 (DG Khan, Sahiwal, Sargodha, Bahawalpur and Gujranwala Region)

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