Deputy Accountant  PPSC today solved paper held on 22nd December 2019 09:30 Am. Download today PPSC past paper of Deputy Accountant in Treasuries and Accounts Finance Department 2019 morning paper along with answer key.

1. Kargil war between Pakistan and India was fought in which year ? 1999
2. Last Cricket World Cup was played and hosted in which Country ? England Wales.
3. Name the first child who accept Islam? Hazrat Ali (R.A)
4. Jihad was made compulsory in which Hijri Year ? 2 A.H
5. World International Human Rights Day is celebrated each year on ? 10th December
6. Vitamin C defficiency may cause ?
7 . Who was the first chairman Senate of Pakistan? Habib Ullah Khan
8. Host of the FIFA World Cup 2018? Russia
9. Volga River is situated in which Country? Russia
10. Angor Wat ? A hindu Temple Complex in Combodia
11. PTV broadcasting was started in which year? 26th November 1964
12. Simmon Commission arrived in India in which year ? 1928
13. Statue of Liberty in situated in which city? New York
14. Heathrow Airport is situated in which city?London
15. Poor man budget presented by? Liaquat Ali Khan
16. 6th amendment in the 1973 constitution of Pakistan? 1976
17. Time magazine was founded in USA in which year? 1923
18. Mona Liza was painted by whom? Leonardo Da Vinci
19. Taimur invaded India in? 1398
20. Who was the first Prime Minister of Pakistan ? Liaquat Ali Khan
21. Charles de gaulle airport in? Paris, France
22. Sona chandi drama is written by whom? Munnu Bhai
23. Lady Finger Peak is situated in ? Pakistan
24. Which Country has started World First Hydrogen Train ? Germany
25. Which of the following countries is not the member of SAARC? Myanmar
26. Name of the Pakistan First fighter jet aircraft was ? JF17 Thunder
27. What does the roman numeral C stands for? 100
28. Which Umayyad Leader was called as umer e sani? Umer Bin Abdul Aziz
28. It was kind to help? of
29. Pure Gold is ......... Carat 24 Carat
30. Which of the following is the largest dam of Pakistan Tarbela Dam
31. Faisal Mosque in Islamabad was designed by which Architect? Turkish
32. Pakistan National Alliance started protest against which government ? Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
33. Eight amendment in the constitution of Pakistan gave power to ... ? President
34. At the event of Miraj which ibadat became farz? Five Prayers
35. Meteorology is the study of ? Weather
36. Who is the Author of " Politics among nations" ? Hans J. Morgenthau
37. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was the author of which book? If i am Assassinated
38. Chilam Joshi is the festival of?  Kalash
39. Which of the following is the largest font size in drop down menu MS word 2018? 72>br/> Who was the 39th Chief of US Army ? Mark A. Milley

Deputy Accountant Batch 1 PPSC paper 22nd December 2019



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