Deputy Accountant PPSC today solved paper held on 22nd December 2019 01:30 Pm. Download today PPSC past paper of Deputy Accountant in Treasuries and Accounts Finance Department 2019 evening paper along with answer key.

1. What is the length of Hockey ground Side Board ? (A) 1.22 cm (B) 1.50 CM (C) 2.50 CM (D) 3.50 CM
2. Mount Kinabalu is situated in ? (A) Kenya (B) Indonesia (C) Malaysia
3. Diabetes is caused due to malfunctioning of ? (A) Liver (B) Pancreas (C) Kidneys (D) Muscles
4. Jihad was made compulsory in which Hijri Year ? 2 A.H
5. World International Human Rights Day is celebrated each year on ? 10th December
6. One of the following is not the function of bones in Human body ? (A) Protection of Vital organs (B) Secretion of Hormones (C) Place for muscle attachment (D) Production of Blood Corpuscles
7 . Congress declared complete independence for India as its goals at its session held at ? (A) Calcutta in 1928 (B) Allahabad in 1930 (C) Lahore in 1929 (D) None of these
8. Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan did his PhD degree from Leuven University of ? (A) Holland (B) Austria (C) Hungry (D) Belgium
9. Which Substance is used in match sticks? (A) Sulfur (B) Zinc (C) Iron (D) Nitric Acid
10. Reciprocal of Bulk Modulus is called ? (A) Shear Modulus (B) Young's Modulus (C) Hooke's Modulus (D) Compressibility
11. Who was the founder of slave dynasty in India ? (A) Mehmood Ghaznavi (B) Sher Shah Suri (C) Qutub U din Aibak (D) Ibrahim Lodhi
12. Which is the capital city of Nepal ? (A) Kathmandu (B) Pokhara (C) Daran (D) Pallan
13. Who was the first women Governor of Pakistan ? (A) Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan (B) Shahista Ikramullah (C) Fahmida Mirza (D) None of these
14. First Nuclear Power Plant was established in Pakistan at ? (A) Karachi (B) Lahore (C) Islamabad (D) Mianwali
15. ........ is used to record intensity and source of earthquakes ? (A) Barometer (B) Seismograph (C) Hydrometer (C) Pyrometer
16. Name of the Pamphlet issued by Chaudary Rehmat Ali in which the name Pakistan was used for the first time ? (A) Do or Die (B) Independent Homeland (C) Freedom or Death (D) Now or Never

 Deputy Accountant Batch 1 Evening PPSC Paper 22nd December 2019 evening

Deputy Accountant PPSC Past Paper 2019

Deputy Accountant Past Papers 2019

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