Tehsildar test English Paper has been rescheduled on 7th November 2021. 

Tehsildar today solved paper English Comprehensive and Composition held on 24th October 2021 10:00 Am. Download PPSC past paper of Tehsildar 2021 in Board of Revenue Department Government of Punjab 24-10-2021 morning paper 10:00 Pm along with answer key.

  1.  Every cloud has a ____? Ans Silver Lining
  2. Familiarity breeds.....? Contempt
  3. Obstreperous synonyms ? Noisy and Difficult to Control
  4. What is meant by Mephitic?  Offensive to the Smell.
  5. What is meant by Null and void?  cancelled, invalid  کالعدم
  6. What is meant Evil? Immoral مذموم
  7. Flustered meanings ? Agitated or confused
  8. Analogy Toss : Hurl :: ? Speak : Shout
  9. What is the antonym of Aboriginal ? Non native or non Indigenous
  10. A wolf in the _____ clothing? Ans Sheep
  11. Child born after father's death is known as? Posthumous
  12. Complete the idiom  Out of the frying pan...? Into the fire
  13. What is meant by Jeer at ? to insult some one
  14. Meaning of Pick and Span idiom? Clean and tidy
  15. One word Substitute A post for which no salary is paid.... ? Honorary
  16. Fear of heights.... ? Acrophobia
  17. Caesarean meaning? surgical procedure for child delivery
  18. رنجش ? Enmity
  19. Meaning of Bellicose? Warlike situation
  20. Wheedle meaning? Deceive.
  21. What is meant by Persistently? Continuously
  22. Analogy Man : Men ? :: Goose : Geese 
  23. To be rolling in the money? Very Rich
  24. Tremendous
  25. Choose the correct word spelling Manoeuvre?  Maneuver
  26. Meaning of the idiom "Burry the hatchet" ? End the quarrel or enmity or become friendly
  27.  ہنگامی حالت Write the English of this word ? Emergency

 Tehsildar PPSC Today Paper 24th October 2021 fully solved

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